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  1. So to start off, I know this is an american site, and I live in England, but I can't seem to find an English forum. The basic question is, where would be the best place to get bicycles from (can be a brick)? There is a lot of cheaper ones on amazon but have mixed reviews as whether they are fake? Does anyone have a link that they know is real and is cheap, along with low price shipping?

    (All other forums I've searched this for either are searching for something different or the links have expired)
    This is a repost because I think I posted it in the wrong thread but I can't seem to delete the other one.
  2. They’re exactly the same
  3. They're the same quality but I think custom card designers can pay extra to have the cut quality improved, so there's less of a chance of them being off center. Generally though, all standard Bikes are going to be the same regardless of where you bought them.
  4. I buy all of my Bicycle Cards at Sam's Club. They handle just fine and are cheap.
  5. Unfortunately it seems Sams Club doesn't deliver to the UK.
  6. I use Costco.

    Or Rite Aid usually has the 4 packs for 15 bucks or so.

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