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  1. What do you all think about it?
  2. Sorry, I don't know from context what the link is pointing to, and that makes me hesitant to click it...

    Can you provide some info about what you're trying to share?
  3. It is a little sleight [or trick you can say] that I recently came up with. Sorry I did not clarify what it was. I wanted some feedback on it.
  4. Interesting concept. What's your approach to setting up for it? Do they select from a whole deck and then you pull a random card for the "cover" card?
  5. I think your handling could benefit from some streamlining, and I also don't understand the point of the effect - what is your motivation? Why are you removing the signature from the card? Why did the spectator sign the card in the first place? Of course a 30 second video does not give me much to go on in terms of presentation, but I can't help but ask, "why?"

    In an ACR for example, the card is signed so that the spectator knows without a doubt that her card is her own. What is the reasoning here? The color change itself is not particularly strong, so the significance of the signature needs to be very strong if you want a quality effect.

    I would suggest a different color change. Why do you ostensibly have two cards? Why not the full pack? Would you not agree that using such a small packet of cards for such an action (laying one card over another) brings unnecessary attention to the card you are changing?

    Just trying to be constructive!

  6. AT LEAST SOMEONE IS HONEST! THANK YOU CAMERON FOR BEING CONSTRUCTIVE. I originally wanted to have a spectator sign a card, then I [or he or she] would wave my hand over it for them to find that the signature is gone and either on their hand, or in a different location.

    True. I just wanted to get to the effect. I suppose that is what I did wrong here. The spectator would originally select a card, sign it, then they would select a ''cover card'' from the rest of the pack. I can then either place the eg.....4 of clubs on top of the deck and do the color change from there.

    I see what you are saying. This is actually what I want. I need feedback from constructive people. I WANT to make this the best that I possibly can. I am still trying to figure out how I can make a spectators signature vanish from a card THEY SELECTED to an impossible location.

    JPV JR.

    Can you give me some feedback on my second vid that I posted on this thread.
  7. Re: the second video, I think the rapid movement of the card to the deck and then onto the table looks a bit suspicious. A layperson would be just as impressed (or maybe more impressed) by turning the double back onto the deck and then casually placing it face down onto the table and revealing the change. A normal double doesn't look like you've done anything, but your move is clearly a move, and therefore less surprising, in my opinion.
  8. Okay thanks. I realize now that I need to improve these thanks to you guys [no really thank you for the feedback].
  9. JP,

    First off your double needs serious work, but I'm sure you're aware. We can all give you some tips if you need help, but really what it comes down to is a lot more practice.

    As for the switch, your are breaking some unspoken rules of magic by making the move very quick and very loud. Generally you want to make the move a smooth and short action (not necessarily completely quiet, but of course that helps), and then cover that short action with a larger or longer action. With those words I believe you can improve the second "effect" significantly.

    When it comes to changing the card, keep in mind the tried-and-true effectiveness of a top change. Also keep in mind that there are dozens of renditions of the top change.


    In my opinion (and this is one of my more popular opinions), you should never make an effect out of a double, especially in today's world, where the double is one of the most well-known sleights among lay people. Not to say you should run even if you are not being chased, but that is something important to keep in mind.

  10. What you are saying is that I need more practice in the moves, or do I just need to come up with a different method for them? I can assure you that my doubles are as clean as can be to a lay person [I have used doubles a lot in performances], but since you have experience in magic, you know a double when you see it. I also did some studying of my tabled color change, and know what I did wrong with the doubles.
  11. JP,

    I do not mean to say your doubles will not fool lay people; I just mean that they are very tense, and to many lay people, tension is a subconscious indication of unsavory behavior. With practice you can make them much more fluid. Practice turning over a single card, and then make your double look like that. Then there is no discrepancy - any time you turn over a single, double, or triple, it is a familiar motion. It's not just that I know a double when I see it - it's that there should be no discrepancy between your double and your single lift.

    When it comes to your switch, I would suggest a different method. The switch has been fleshed out for all its worth over the past 150 years or so - the best methods hide in the literature, plain and simple. Unless your switch specifically requires you to get the card to the bottom of the pack, I would really genuinely suggest you use some form of the top change.

    I of course do not mean anything personally, and I hope this helps.

  12. Thanks for the input. When I make it better, I will post it on this thread.

    JPV JR.
  13. Thanks Cameron. That was kind of my point, and I completely agree. :) Doubles should always seeve a larger purpose. They are not a standalone effect, just like the pass and others shouldn't stand alone.
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    Looking ok but what else can you think of by using this color change ! what ifyou have a note in the middle of the card with someone name on it then you do the card charges but not the note. Ps the note is stuk to the card and can zanot be moved before the change. ? Just some thing that pop up in my mad mind and then you hand the card out at the

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