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  1. My second trick just went up on the Wire. Here's the description:

    "Coalesce is based and expands on an old principle in card mentalism. Two participants are each invited to cut a small packet of cards off of a borrowed, shuffled deck. They each count their cards, combine the packets, shuffle them together and hand them back to the performer.

    The performer then runs through the cards and asks each participant to remember the card that lands on their number. Both cards are removed by the participants and placed face down into the middle of the face up packet. The packet is then handed to one of the participants to hold in their hands.

    It is then revealed, that not only has one of the face down cards vanished from the packet, but that the remaining, single face down card is the card that both of the participants have been thinking of the entire time."

    The preview is a little vague because it's not a visual effect, but I'm confident you guys will get good use out of it! If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM!
  2. How does this play for people, honestly? In my experience, any effect where the spectators think they have two different card and end up having the same one, or think they see one card and see different cards, turns out poorly. The spectators just get kinda confused until you explain it and it ruins the climax. I have tried effects like this before and been very clear about the intentions but it never really turns out well. What are your experiences with it like?

  3. This is one of the few effects with that outcome that I personally perform, and yes, I can see how there is a potential for confusion. I perform this effect often, and have never had spectator's react awkwardly or confused, not to say that isn't a possibility, it just hasn't happened in my experience.

    What makes this work is the fact that there is really no buildup to what is going to happen. You lead the spectators down a path, and then get to a point where the outcome makes no sense. Because everything ends clean and can be borrowed, there is a moment of paradox that is very powerful.

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