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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by popchris3, May 18, 2008.

  1. I have been into magic for almost 6 years now, performing and inventing. I use regularly the Penguin Forums, but this is my first time using these. I wanted to see how opinions differ on these forums. Here are a few effects I have created and would like you guys to review please.

    An effect called, Le Monte Transpo.

    An effect called, Thermo Fusion.

    An effect called, Blindsighted by a Red Hot Mama.

    Please rate and review!

    Thanks for reading and hopefully watching!
  2. Uhm....

    I think you need to work on making them a bit clearer for the audience.

    If it is not 100% clear of what's going on, the trick cannot be as effective as it can be.

    i honestly did not get what happened, so work on that.
  3. Le Monte Transpo 00:38 listen hahahahahahah loool
  4. Interesting..

    The 'Thermo Fusion' was way to confusing, it just didnt make any sense.

    And the others were just fairly simple.

    I wasnt a big fan, but well done for attempting mate.
  5. hi, always nice to see a new member!
    so here's what i think about your tricks:

    Le Monte Transpo:
    a nice little trick, nothing too fancy but quite good. i liked the presentation and everything.

    effect: 7/10
    handling/presentation: 7/10

    Thermo Fusion:
    well, i think the effect is pretty nice, but your presentation wasn't. it was just too long and too much before you got to the actual effect. i mean the part where you have both cards come to the top is too long, especially because you do it twice for no reason.

    effect: 6/10
    handling/presentation: 3/10

    Blindsighted by a Red Hot Mama:
    ok, i am not really a fan of this one, but maybe that is because i just don't like the whole style of the trick . your presentation was good, but i don't know, it's just not a trick i enjoy watching or i would enjoy doing i guess.

    effect: 6/10
    handling/presentation: 6/10
  6. You remind me of another member on these forums. Your presentation is very similar to that of Michael Kras... I just thought it was funny.

    As for your effects, they weren't bad, nothing special. But Thermo-Fusion was MUCH too long. I got bored after about 2 minutes. Try to get to the point, for such a fairly simple effect you made it much more complicated than it should be...

  7. I do not mean to sound rude but I caught you on every single trick. I think you may want to practice a bit more before posting other videos. Also, you need to be more clear when you talk as well as have better patter. Possibly, you could make up a story for eahof the tricks. My final decission is that you need more practice. But don'y let this discourage you... just keep working.
  8. Michael is the guy who sounds a lot like Jay isnt he Mitchell?

    Its interesting that he seems to be both of your 'mentors'

    Im trying to get this across a bit more lately (In the competition below especially) but people need to start creating and using their own style. Magic shouldnt be about the 'norm'.
  9. I understand many of you will catch that. Yeah, I was thinking about changing the length of Thermo-Fusion. And people, trust me, that is not the way I perform when I am actually... well... performing.
  10. Awoowah.... Alright. :D
  11. LOL! Oh, that was HILARIOUS! :D

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