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  1. Hey guys, picked this up today, might as well write up a lil review for it. Ricky Smith isn't very well known from what I understand, but from the footage I've seen of him...the guy honestly is one of the smoothest card handlers I've ever seen. He makes things look oh so easy, when in reality the sleights he's doing are some of the hardest moves out there. He also writes for Magic Magazine. The dude's also funny as edited. This control was originally published in Pneumbra(spl.) #5, but I went a head and bought the download instead of hunting for the back issue. Go ahead give me [edited] for choosing video over books, but whateva, I do what I want.

    What they say- Quote:
    Learn one of the most talked about card controls circulating the underground magic scene. For years Ricky's technique for controlling a selected card to the top has been a favorite among professional card magicians. The actions are entirely motivated and there is nothing for your audience to suspect.

    Additionally, learn several applications allowing you to control multiple selections, a color change, and a palm replacement among other professional advice and tips.

    Ricky also provides detailed history and credits for your continued learning as well as teaches his signature effect, "Name Any Vowel.”

    What I say- This is a very deceptive little control. I favor this over my go-to control at the moment(Cascade) only because I think its more casual to fan the cards opposed to giving them a waterfall flourish(not taking anything away from the cascade control. I will still use it, I will still love it)
    This control is a little angly, but just a little positioning and you'll be fine.

    Its a pretty advanced control. I've been practicing it for just a little bit but I can see it will take a while to get smooth. I've never encountered anything quite like this control, so for me it is difficult just because its new. Its also a little difficult for another reason...

    The teaching is a little lacking. Compared to the great teaching of other On-Demand downloads(Truffle Shuffle, Cascade Control) the move isn't explained the best. Its not unlearnable, but in my opinion the teaching could of been a little better, especially with the other on-demands having some if the best teaching out there. He only goes over the basic mechanics once, as with other downloads, for example the Truffle Shuffle, Derek Delgaudio goes over and shows the move literally 10 to 15 times.
    Don't get me wrong, it isn't unlearnable. The teaching isn't horrible, in fact I've seen much worse. I just thought Dan and Dave would want to keep the teaching of this download in the same league as their other downloads.

    The extra applications section yet again seemed a little lacking to me. Ricky talked as if you already knew what he was talking about. The extra trick offered is a a good way though. I got a good laugh out of it, and I think I might use it on "edgy" spectators.

    The quality is great. Crytsal Clear. No music though! I loved the music on the other downloads, but this one didn't have any. Just a very light little tune right after the performance.

    -Looks great
    -VERY Deceptive
    -Great quality
    -Pretty well-priced

    -Only runs in at 9 minutes, which in my opinion isn't enough time to leave no stone unturned.
    -The teaching isn't the best(pretty much same thing as above)
    -The description said this move is "underground." its been published for a while. Not really "underground"

    I hope I didn't seem too harsh in this review. Ricky seems like an awesome dude, I'd love to meet him some day. The control is great. I'm just a picky guy when it comes to teaching. hope Ricky/Dan/Dave don't take this review as an insult or anything.

    If I had to rate it out of 10, I'll give the MOVE 9.5 out of 10, but the actual download a 7.5 out of 10. If your a dedicated card guy, you'll love this, and I guarentee you you'll use it. Even though I bashed the teaching a bit, I would definently say check this one out, its a keeper.
  2. Nice review. Can you do this right in front of the spectator? Can you do it underneath them? Angles?
  3. Great review. I have been interested in this control for awhile. And thanks for being truthful. Unlike the annoying, uninformative, one sentence reviews on E like:
  4. Who wrote that review?
  5. It's a 1-on-1 type control. No more than 3.
  6. Angles are actually a lot better than some people may think. If you position your hands correctly and hold it the way ricky smith holds it, then your only bad angles would be directly above you and to your far right.

  7. The more and more I practice this the more I like it.

    The angles are very practical. Can't be done surrounded but, it is still a great control. One of my favourites I've come across in a while.

  8. The thing I love about this is that it can be used as a multiple shift. It has replaced the other ones I use.
  9. 1 - 10 how hard is this?
  10. I just got this and I can't even get the first step. I don't know I just can't get the card to go in the way he does. Can anyone help me?
  11. Great Review

    Creeper has done a heck of a nice review. Not only has he been above board
    and truthful. He was also 'informative'.

    Out of curiosity I 'googled' the Cherry Control. It took awhile but I saw what ONLY
    Creeper mentions. And that is that it appeared in print and also 'where' it
    appeared. It really stood out.

    I don't know about you, but I call that information. Things like that, just seem
    to be getting like some sort of commodity for whatever the reason.

    Figured it was worth a mention even if it's almost a year later.

    Nice work...
    and thanks.

    - hkb -
    q8:{ }8p
  12. Controls are cool, but I think people are starting to overlook the Pass... just pure, diluted speed, and angles are nothing.

    Just my .02 USD!


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