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  1. How many of you here are still Facebook friends with Chris Kenner? He was my Facebook pal for a shot time, then he ended up blocking me... anyway... he is deleting friends left and right from his page. I have learned that Facebook is just that a network basically full of strangers who don't know you, aside from friends whom you know personally. I made the mistake of trying to get to know one of these famous individuals, cause frankly they have a seemingly better life than I... thats a not good reason to get to know some of these famous performers... all you get is heartbreak...

    I repent from my mistake... and I will try and do and know better in the future, who to friend and who to not deal with on my personal Facebook page... this isn't to be taken in anger, as I know most of you may have gotten the delete or block from his page as well. Just an F.Y.I. as to the future whom you should add whom you should stay away from... don't try and "be friends" with someone just because you think they have a better life than you do... this goes for anyone in life not just these performers...thats the best lesson that I've learned... then again I have been guilty of thinking that this Facebook thing is the end all be all of human interaction... maybe thats why I'm not as committed to it as I once was.
  2. I'm rarely on FB and I don't care to make friends through facebook usually. MOST people on my facebook I know personally, they are family, or they know someone that I know and they added me. There are only a few people who I have added that I really don't know. I'm not usually on FB anyhow.

    Now that I think about it, I am also friends (on FB) with Calen Morelli, Eric Jones, Danny Garcia, Smoothini and I believe that is it. Danny Garcia personally told me to add him so I have no problem talking with him on FB (not bombarding him though). Same with Smoothini. Calen and Eric, however, I just added and have never posted on their walls or messaged them. I don't want to bother them. However, I may send Calen my recent video because I perform dresscode in it.

    The moral I guess is that FB is kind of a personal thing and while these people may not have a problem being your friend, that doesn't mean that they don't have a problem with being messaged/commented on and basically bombarded all the time. Some people are cooler with it than others. Kenner may just want his FB to be exclusive to personal friends/family. Nothing wrong with that.
  3. Facebook takes a lot of time for people to respond to if they are constantly getting messages from "fans", other magicians in our case and it gets old really fast. Chris also has a wife, kid and a job that requires a lot of attention from him. He may have just decided that enough was enough and to cut down on messages he needed to block a great deal of people.


    there were way too many people nagging him about David Copperfield, meet and greets, etc.
  4. Chris isn't just a magician he's a celebrity in the magicians world, and he works for someone who is also an international celebrity so time can't be something he has a lot of. He probably meets thousands of people each day, and I'm sure he gets a lot of messages and friend requests. He probably feels guilty about not being able to answer everyone, and maybe even wanting to keep his privacy a little bit- well more private. I can't say for sure, but I'm guessing he just needed his space. It's not a bad thing, it's just a change of pace.
  5. I was friends with him as well, he decided to take everyone who he'd never met in person off of his list. He posted this a while ago (takes a long time to delete thousands of people). I didn't take personal offense, I actually deleted him to give him one less to do.

    If he decides he may make a fan page, something for everyone who knows him that he doesn't know. (Don't count on this though).
  6. Are you seriously mad about this? Thank God I don't have a Facebook! People act so immature when somebody decides to "unfriend" them or whatever. NEWSFLASH: Chris Kenner never was your friend. He just figured you were okay and hit a button blindly. Get over it. Fifteen years ago you couldn't have even dreamed of ever interacting with Chris Kenner without getting a plane ticket. Now he hits a button and you think he's your "pal?" Social networking drives me crazy...
  7. Mayniac.... would you be my friend? Please!? I really want to be your friend! I'll cry if you turn me down... You don't want that do you?
  8. This is something he obviously didn't know about. Making a personal profile on a site like facebook is asking for trouble, making a fan page as a public figure on the other hand is great.
  9. Chris is a great guy, very nice, and has put up with A LOT. He is constantly trying to further the art and unlike several other legends he really cares about the younger generation. If he is deleting people of facebook i cant blame him, look at the number of "friends" he has. Facebook is a social site, intended to allow you to maintain contact with your friends or make new ones, but you cant befriend everyone. He's a crazy busy guy with a family and a strenuous job. If he chooses to spend less time online and trim back that list to people he actually interacts regularly with i cant blame him, in fact i applaud him. If in that cut back i get cut well so be it, we dont talk that much. But i completely understand and i will still respect him as a magician and more importantly as a person for some of the things he has had the balls to call people out on.
  10. It's no big deal at all. People have personal lives. If they don't feel the need to share it with you then they don't have to. A fan page is different. That is a great thing. But this thread has no reason for existing. I'm not trying to be rude but I think if you looked past the de-friending business and the hurt feelings, then you would have made the inference about the personal lives as we have.
  11. Facebook isn't like myspace. Myspace is just a bunch of strangers asking for friend requests with each other who have never met one another.

    Facebook is a social networking site for people that actually know each other.
    That's just the way it is. Maybe Chris realized that now.
  12. As Mr. Draven said, go to the Fan page and friend him there. I am sure that you can all imagine a scenario in which you are a public personality and would make a decision to protect the privacy of you and your family based upon the actions of others in a place like Facebook.

    For what it is worth, I have received more crazy emails and messages from people than you can imagine tryng to contact David Copperfield, David Blaine and others simply because of the Google Juice that the site has when searching for those names.

    Fan him on the new site and know that he's doing this for all of the right reasons.
  13. Who gives a !@#$?
  14. Hello, Everyone

    I am not sure I understand the start of this thread. I don't remember saying that I have a better life then anyone else. I will be honest. I am probably more jealous of most of you then you are of me. Everyone here is way more talented then anyone of my generation was at your age. I would kill to have had that. I love watching you guys bring this art form to a new level that I could not have imagined when I was younger. FYI, my fingers hurt trying to keep up.

    Back to Facebook. Due to a recent event that I will not get into. I am deleting almost everyone from my personal Facebook page for my family's safety. I love the idea of connecting with my friends and posting pictures of Katie and little Zoë but I am starting to feel uncomfortable about sharing this with strangers or people that are just acquaintances.

    I am using Twitter more now anyway. I am saying the same sort of things and posting even more interesting things there then I would have put on Facebook so if you need a Chris Kenner fix just hunt me down on twitter.

    If I have deleted anyone that I do know feel free to re-friend me and remind me how I know you. I may remember you face or meeting you but not your name.

    As I write this Katie is making me a fan page. I am not the type to think I have fans. It is just not my thing. I am too busy working to worry about that but I have gotten a crazy amount of e-mails and direct messages from people asking me to do something so it is there if you are interested.

    I am sorry if I have offended anyone by deleting them from Facebook. That was not my intention. It is 100% a safety issue. My family will always come first.


    Dear saborfang17 I could not agree more.... I didn't get your name. This is probably only funny to me.
  15. My family has gone through our share of issues with people bombarding our facebooks as well. It does make you much more cautious about who to let see all of your life. And it's not fair to have to hide your life because others abuse the privilage of being let in. Whether Mr. Kenner deleted me or not won't affect the respect I have for he and his family. They seem to be very respectable people and amazing parents, so I have no problems letting them live their lives as they wish.
  16. That's why you didn't get my name. Personally, I don't go out of my way to cry about being deleted from somebody's facebook because they're "famous" - no offense, but there are more pressing matters in my life than trying to tell others you got deleted to offer them words of wisdom.

    EDIT: I just realized that might've been sarcastic. If so, I don't see why I should have to tell the entire world my name just to ask what the whole point of crying about facebook is..
  17. Family always comes first. Period. End of discussion. Chris solved all confusion and said exactly what needed to be said. Therefore, I am going to close the thread.
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