Chris Kenner's House

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StevenLevitt, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. I maybe wrong, but did Chris upload photos of his house? - As far as I can remember it looked really nice, and I was hoping to trace these pictures again! As I want another look!

  2. There were a few posted a while back,

    Of what is now their 'old' house.

    Which I believe is still the house shown in most of the Theory11 Videos.

    I believe both he and Katie have moved though into a new place, where there have been a few photos posted somewhere! If I remember, I will post them for you mate :)

    If not, im sure Katie or Chris will be able to help :)
  3. There are some posted on his facebook account
  4. Not trying to sound rude but why does it matter?
  5. Am I the only one that thinks this feels like a stalker thread?
  6. I remember it being nice, and I just want ideas for my decorating. - No I am not stalking, for a start I live thousand of miles away. :p
  7. I will post a link to some picture when I get near my computer.

  8. Wasn't your house featured in a Las Vegas magazine?
  9. Thank you mate, very much appreciated! :) - By the way I managed to do the presentation (Houdini/David Blaine), I got a 12/15 for it! I was well happy with my mark! :)
  10. Looks great! I love that you have Mike and Sully in there, I'm a huge Pixar fan!

    Now put that thing back where it came from, or so help me!
  11. Thank you Chris.
  12. That house

    Is epic.

  13. Damn......
    im gonna go kill you and steal your keys and rob your place of your Yoda figure.
    Just kidding....

    not really....
  14. nice house
    nerd room.. lol
  15. Thats ridiculous. My house is a little nicer though...just kidding.
  16. Loving those Sherwoods Chris!
  17. Oh my god that house is awesome! Love the architecture.
  18. I am not very fond of the architecture I like Prairie, and a little bit of Greek revival.

    But your house as lovely as it is I do not like Pueblo styled houses, but you won't find me in a dessert if I got to choose where I live.

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