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    Chris Mayhew:
    When Chris wrote A Clockwork Apple, he realized that he had far too many applications of his amazing Cardsexchange move to put them all in the booklet. So, in true Vanishing Inc. style, we've put together an amazing download packed with ideas and tricks for this great move, complete with a full, detailed explanation of the Cardsexchange move.
    Cards Exchange

    Chris teaches everything wonderfully he does rush a few different things, but if you think about what he just said and why it works, you will understand.

    Chris also gives credit where it is due. I don't think he left out a single person here.

    The method is pretty straight forward and makes complete sense, there are so many applications to this it is ridiculous. If you are looking for a utility move this would be it.

    Well of course there is NONE.

    Chris goes over many great applications, if you watch the demo you will see that you can perform highly visual color changes, easy forces, and great controls.

    There is definately nothing wrong here, the quality of the video is clear and precise.

    Where ::
    Direct Link ::
    Price :: $10.00

    Reccommendations ::
    Serious Card Workers :: Yes
    Beginners :: Yes
    Card Magic Lovers :: Yes​
  2. Wow looks great might pick it up
    i accidentally thought it was called "card SEX change" haha
  3. I was checking this out this morning. It looks interesting. Might pick it up, but I'm not sure yet. Thanks for the review.
  4. I read it the same way too :D

    I do believe Chris intended it that way though.
  5. tonybanuelos88 - If you pick this up you will not be disappointed and I would never think of that, Card Sex Change, hahha.

    thecavschosenone - Deefinately pick this up like I said above you won't be disapppinted, the move is very well structured and because of that you will not get caught easy.

    Rockefella - Maybe I don't know if he intended it that way.
  6. [​IMG]

    New effect???
  7. Thanks for the review, I was debating about whether to pick this up.

    and while we're on the topic of unfortunately strung together words..
  8. Hahaha, nice, if you do end up buying the effect I would like to hear how you like it.
  9. Is there any kind of setup that is required or is it completely impromptu?
  10. No gimmicks or set-up just a great utility move.
  11. How hard is this move?

    And how is the angels?
  12. It will take some time. But in the end i think its worth it.
    In the end i believe that the angles are quite good i use it. The angles are almost the same as proteus i think a tad better even!

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