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  1. Chris Pratt (the actor, not the late Magic Circle member) performed a magic trick on the Graham Norton show. I know exactly how it was done, and have actually performed it with some of my own variations, but is there an inventor to this trick?
    I realise that it is not really a sleight but rather a principle, but is there an individual in history who discovered this and Chris Pratt learned from?
  2. My sense is that the plot is somewhat original. It relies on a simple principle, a sleight taught in Royal Road and an ending that is a variation of something taught in Scarne on Card Tricks. I don't think that either of the authors were the inventors of those principles. I'm not sure if Scarne credits anyone for the Hit the Deck trick but I think the principles pre date those books.
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  3. The presentation idea is unique (am speaking for the effect in general, not specifically for Pratt's performance) and it has been on and about street magic for quite some time.
    As to where Chris learnt it, maybe from someone like Teller or maybe from You Tube, who knows? (I place my money on You Tube :) )
    Check out Free Magic Live, I think they teach this...
  4. There are a few instances of it being performed way before this, but Tom Seller had a written variation on it (according to conjuring archive). I think I read about the move somewhere, but I can't remember where! AHHH
  5. I didn't have a chance to do a lot of research this morning, but the earliest publication listed in the Conjuring Archive for the method for revealing the card is in 1784 in a book called Breslaw's Last Legacy. The effect was called the Nerve Trick. It is also in Hoffman's Modern Magic, Erdnase's The Expert at the Card Table, Down's Art of Magic, Hugard's Encyclopedia of Card Tricks and Buckley's Card Control. I learned it from Scarne on Card Tricks where it is called Hit the Pack. The link to the Conjuring Archive is HERE.

    The rest of the effect is some simple concepts and simple sleights put together with a presentation that fits Chris' persona,
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