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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Isaac Kane, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Im a Christian illusionist who was wondering how many others there were like me...and was wondering how many of them struggle with presenting slights and card effects and at the same time the message....

    In Christ

    Isaac Kane
  2. I'm Christian but it's pretty much overkill if you're trying to pass around the word of "God" and doing magic at the same time. Just do magic and don't worry about religion or people who are not interested are just going to get pissed and walk away.
  3. Umm... I am a bang on christien but when I performei dont try to convert peaple or convinse peaple that christ is gods son. When I performe the only thing I try to convinse peaple of is that the things I am doing realy is magic.(A.K.A creating a moment)


  4. ummm.... i really dont think its a good idea to spread a chrisitan message while doing card magic. If you wanna do magic as entertainment for your friends, while having a reglious discussion with your friends, that would be okay.
    But..... if you mean doing magic and saying your making godly miracles.... that would just be wrong.
  5. I agree withe you dont try and tell peaple about got weille performing=)
  6. I'm a Christian!! I try to tell people about God after I perform . . . I went to a church high school camp and saw a Christian illusionist named Jared Hall, and he was cool. Good to see some Christian's on this site!:D
  7. Ive tryed to do some christian magic for my church. i used like ambitous card and some color changes
    i used blank cards.
    but its kinda hard to use it as an evangilisim tool.
    i did see one christian magic act. and most of it was like real good magic. he did some talking then did a vanishing trick for the end, i dont remmeber the message tho. but good luck! and god bless
  8. its not while im preforming thats when i try to witness... but it dosnt help that my nickname is the warlock... and im not claiming that its actual magic, or God doing the trick, i just tell them its simple slights
  9. I can see this turning into a huge religion vs. magic debate. My views? Magic is one thing, religion is another. Don't mix the two unless you have a good reason for doing so.

  10. Check your pm, Isaac.

  11. Its never good to stress god or a message on somewhen when performing magic.
    Its just by most people.
  12. I disagree with using magic to spread religion. I think its very immoral to do so. Those are just my views. However, there may be certain ways to do so that I'm not thinking of to do so in a positive way. However, as Stafiej (probably spelled that wrong and I'm too lazy to check ;)) put it, religion and magic are two different things. I don't think there should be a mix.

  13. I would have to say that in performing my magic, I do not use it to minister to anyone. Rather, I use my magic to meet people, become friends, and then minister to them when I'm not doing magic. I think it's to hard to mix Christianity and magic, because it makes it confusing.

    Here's a more detailed path, which I will use the story of my friend, who we will call Bob.

    I knew of Bob and had greeted him several times before, but I never really spoke to him much. One day, he was around and I had a pack of cards with me, so I decided to perform for him. He thought the magic was great and entertaining! We got to talking and soon became friends, since he wanted to learn magic as well. I taught him several small sleights (such as a DL) and then lead into the ministry like so...

    "Bob, you know how magic amazed and stunned you?" He replied with a, "Yes." I said, "It wasn't real, but there was a man long ago, his name was Jesus Christ, and he is the Son of God, and he could actually perform miracles. Not magic, but miracles. Because he was 100% God and 100% man..."

    That's how I approach the situation. Hopefully that can help you in some way. But, I must be going. God bless!

  14. Unfortunately for the christian magicians if you begin to imply a little bit of religion or start saying things like "It wasn't real, but there was a man long ago, his name was Jesus Christ, and he is the Son of God, and he could actually perform miracles. Not magic, but miracles. Because he was 100% God and 100% man..."your spectators will begin to groan or get that kind of look in their face.especially teens.
  15. im not doing magic and witnessing at the same time... i just wanted to see how many magicians who were christians within this website... i use it to meet people and then spread the word..
  16. I view it as a lower form of Christian Rock (I didn't think it went any lower).
  17. I'm a christain magician as well. I think that it would be a little akward to try and put the word into your magic. The only way I can see this really working is to actually perform magic shows that are based off of some sort of message. I know a company around where I live that actually does this and it's really cool.

    As far as I normally go, if someone actually believes that I can do some sort of real magic, I take them aside show and them that I can't. Generally I show them how something very simple works. I know that would probably make a lot of people on here mad that I would do that, but it is more important to me that someone doesn't believe that I can do miracles than them thinking I can. Every so often there is that one person who doesn't believe that it isn't real.

    I think it is really cool that you are asking such a question. Sometimes I feel alone being a christain magician. It's kind of an akward question to ask yourself just what is right and what is wrong when it comes to doing magic.

  18. But if you notice, I actually start off that way once I'm friends with someone. I use my magic, without any mention of Jesus, to become friends with the person. Once we are comfortably friends and I'm not performing magic to him, I bring that up. I'm a teenager (18), and none of my friends that I've met because I performed magic have groaned when I brought this subject up to them. You have to get comfortable with the people first, otherwise they won't listen to what you have to say. Performing magic and ministering does not make them comfortable. God bless!

  19. I dont think you should use it with your magic (if thats what your saying) and (this is JUST my opinion) I dont think you should make freinds to spread the word, really if you think about it (or this is what I think) if the person your talking about wants to become a christian wouldnt they already have gone to a church to see what its like?

    this is just my opinion though.
  20. I just wanted to congratulate everyone who has posted and even merely viewed this thread for not turning it into a religion bash, which it potentially could've been.

    @blahblah: I agree with you for the most part, I think that in most circumstances it would feel out of place to suggest such a thing or bring up that as a topic, especially to people you first meet. I totally respect the people who hit the streets trying to bring God to ordinary people, but at the same time, faith is such a personal thing. On the other hand, sometimes, people do need a little bit of a push, in a circumstance where they'd consider themselves "partly" Christian or have just never had the initiative to actually go to church, and people can definitely remain on this cusp for a while.

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