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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by HarbingerOfDeath, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I've been out of the loop a bit magic wise, I have not bought anything this entire year(except for some Guardians). I started getting back into it feels good, even after so many months without practice I can still wow people :) Don't get me wrong...I practice like a mad man usually, it's just cause my mind has been focused on so many other things this year, I haven't had time to. I know there have been quite a few new releases since I've been out of the loop, I've broke it down to a small(sort of) list of things I have become very interested in. I love to perform mostly card effects and close-up magic, I'd like to broaden my horizons however, with mentalism, for example. I dont want this to become a "What should I get thread?", I'm looking up different opinions and experiences with the following effects. Feel free to add or remove anything I have on here and express why. Thanks to all those in advance for helping a fellow out :)

    Here goes:
    eXile by Matthew Bich
    Tagged by Richard Sanders
    Universal Impression
    Technique by Matthew Mello(I believe)

    Also any info on Power Word: Fall, Inflicition by D+M(I think it's by him, I apologize if I'm wrong), and a book called Colateral(at least I think it's a book ^_^) would be great as well. I've seen some posts about these in the last 3 days or so, but never enough info about them and I cant seem to hae any luck trying to find it, as you can see I'm not even sure who what they are lol. Thanks again to everyone in advance :)
  2. Looks like you have a lot of good choices there. Most of the things you have on your list I have on mine.
    Things I have that are on your list:
    I like this effect, do not perform it much. The concept is brilliant.
    I absoloutely love this effect, I have not erformed it in a few days need to perform it soon. Though method is awesome and the trick is just awesome. Great reactions with this one.
    I do not like at all. Not really much to say about it.
    The other ones that are on your list do not have so can not help you there.
    You say you were looking at collateral.
    Best book [ pdf ] in my opinion to come out in 2008. TRIP from that book is insane, probably the most visual transposition effect ever. Infliction is in this book by the way.
    Hope I was able to help
    - Donald
  3. Man you guys are lucky that you can get all that for christmas. My family is having financial problems so i can only get 1 dvd :(
  4. Hey dont let something like that bring you down man, it is not a big deal.
  5. eXile by Matthew Bich:
    nice trick

    If it fits your style go for it

    Same as control

    not my favorite but yeah still nice

    easy and impromtu very good

    don`t buy this
    i need to keep these secrets to myself :p
    serioulsy get that on top of the list
    DM is the best
  6. Yeah I do like some of D+M material, I might just skip Branded and purchase Colateral instead. BTW is Colateral very advanced stuff? Cause I consider myself somewhat intermediate-advanced card magician, and I want to be able to do the tricks in it you know :) I may skip out on Flow. Exile, Lit, tagged and universal impression are still in my radar. Control does look pretty sweet as does Thread. Thanks guys for taking time out of your schedule to post on here, anyone else feel free to add more thoughts if you want. Heck maybe add some other tricks that came out this year that are really good that I've missed out on...unless you're keeping them to yourselves...:) j/K
  7. Yes some of the stuff is advnced but I am telling you right now TRIP is not that advanced and is seriously worth the price of the whole book.
  8. Exile

    Not really all that great imo, not bad but not as cool as it seemed


    Very nice, I got fooled by how clever everything is


    Get this, it is one of those that is very unique and unexplainable


    It's cool but there are better ones out there like Andrew Gerard's

    Universal Impression

    If you do any mentalism you must get this as soon as possible


    It's alright, The method is very creative and genius but not that pratical


    Very sweet and the out for the trick is actually almost a better trick than Technique itself

    Power Word

    A few problems but overall if you like doing PK then this is the one for you. Major problem is that you need a pen that can stand up and alot of pens cannot.

    Good luck. Btw my order of top three 1 Universal 2 Tagged 3 Technique
    I do mostly mentalism also so it's w/e you major in.
  9. First off - you know it's spelled harbinger right? ^.^

    Don't take this as a criticism per se, but it seems as though you may be trying to get into it again too much. By this I mean that your list basically consists of the most recent, most popular, most advertised, most mainstream effects you could possibly find. If I were to create a list of "The tricks every mediocre, beginner, or otherwise newbie magician knows about and wants for Christmas 2008" every single one of those would make the list. Not saying that you're one of them of course, I'm sure you're not. But I just wanted to offer the perspective that you might want to consider other products, which, whilst they may not be the latest, could certainly be considered the greatest.

    As far as the products you have listed though, there's certainly nothing wrong with them and indeed one of them is also on my list. The other guys have offered some opinions about them though - but if you have any specific questions, I'm sure they'll be answered too.
  10. okay...

    I dont have eXile - BUT, people complain about the method, about how it doesnt always work and it isnt that cool, these are the same people that said "oh im gonna buy this it looks so awesome", if the methods weird, who cares!, find the stuff you need and perform it, its the effects that matters.

    lit - I dunno about this one, seems like a nice routine, but with some thinking im sure you could think about how to do this (I dont have this either)

    branded - well you were saying how you might wanna buy collateral, collateral has an effect thats pretty much the same as this (I think), you can buy collateral at

    tagged - dunno.

    control - okay, this is an awesome effect, you can perform this for most people, but they go over it in the dvd, your not gonna need anything for this but think of it as theater, not a magic trick, because you need to respect that this is actually a real "magic" effect, this is the one that could make people "Believe".

    thread - nice trick, dont have it, seems more like a stunt to me though.

    universal impression - if you get this, dont buy the mathew mello one.

    flow - this is more about the effects than the method, but its a good trick.

    technique - good solid trick, if you buy this dont get the impression one, (I would say).
  11. @ PraetoriteVong- yeah I know my name is spelled wrong lol, I realised I slipped an "R" in there by mistake on my 3rd post.

    Also I do not plan to get every single thing I have listed here, I was planning maybe 2-3, just get me started on the newer stuff. Wasnt planning on getting everything that everyone else said was cool. I've pretty much lost interest in eXile, Branded, and Tagged and Flow. As far as the others go I may pick up like 2 and top it off with some guardians or more non-mainstream releases. Really I was looking for opinions on these effects, I guess my previous posts would seem otherwise :)

    Thanks again guys for your replies, I really appreciate it ^_^
  12. tell me/us what you want and I/we will have a look :)
  13. Just my thoughts on a couple of these:
    Exile I don't own but have heard bad things about. Don't get me wrong, it looks great and if you don't mind the method not being perfect, go for it. But from what I have read, it looks better that it is.

    Control: I own this and wow. I have only ever used this a couple of times because you NEED to build this up; get it anyway. One thing though, it is by no means impromptu. Oh, the method is, but you don't want to do this on the fly - it will lose all meaning. You'll see what I mean when you watch it. Definitely recommended, however.

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