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  1. i have been asked to put on a magic routine for the end of school christmas celebration.
    i need a little bit of help figuring out what my routine should be about so if you can please post some christmas magic tricks down below.

  2. What do you already do which could be altered to be holiday themed?

    How long do you have?

    What do you already know?
  3. hey christopher,

    i have about 3 weeks to put it all together.

    i have alot of closeup effects and know some very good card handling.
  4. Cutting it very tight there.

    Did you explain this to them?

    Also, be more specific. What books do you own?
  5. Christopher and Steer are both correct. #1 you are cutting it way close to be performing something you haven't even put together yet
    #2 Think of effects that you can do already comfortably and "adapt" them to Christmas

    Example: Hippity Hop Rabbits, Take this idea and make a Hippity Hop Santa or Hippity Hop Candy Canes (easier to cut out of thin wood)
    Any silk effects with a change bag or modify a brightly colored gift wrap bag: Use Red, Green and White silks
    Sponge balls could be Rudolph's red nose (make up some patter)
  6. My mentor did a routine known as the Dancing Christmas Trees which was a holiday spin to the Hippity Hop Rabbits, the closer was Santa & Frosty. I don't know who has it now it went to auction years ago.

    These are some cute ideas. . . I've done billiard balls as Tree Ornaments and played with Chinese Sticks done up as Candy Canes/Peppermint Sticks.

    Depending on your budget, you could order in a Chinese Snow Storm kit, always good for this time of year and if you can drum up a couple of souls to help, you can build a Triangle Illusion (see the Mark Wilson book) that looks like 3 big Christmas Cards (get help from the art department of your school) and produce Santa as the finale' to your show.

    Thing is, this routine requires quite a bit of rehearsal. It's not impossible to be ready with only a few hours of practice, but you're pushing it, in that you have to double check your angles, etc.

    OH! A Square-Circle Production set from which you can produce a ton of garland and toys. . .
  7. thanks man you are awesome and so is the trick.

    p.s overstuft is great.
  8. Here is an effect I created for a previous Christmas Saturday Night Contest (I won). I will also be performing this at my local IBM meeting this month. If you have any questions or want details, please PM me.

  9. Whatever you feel confident with, anything that truly shows your skill
  10. I did not read the thread but what I would do for Christmas magic would be simple things. Like using green and red sponge balls and maybe a candy cane as a wand?

    But this would be for restaurant magic.
  11. Can it be a signed, borrowed snow globe?
  12. I wish ...
    What I usually do is plant it at a store near the other snow globes and "randomly" choose it when I begin the trick.
  13. I was kidding but that's a great idea. I dig it. Think it has real mind blowing potential - particularly for being so simple. This is the kind of thing that I would do for a special event that was geared for one person (birthdays, quincinera, etc) and leave it with them. I have a thing where when I perform at a birthday or the like I tell the person I am going to create an impossible object for them, on the spot. Then there's a variety of things I do depending on the situation, but it always ends with giving them something that shouldn't be able to exist.

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