Christmas or Holiday Magic Tricks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jahsp, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. I have one that I have modified and devoloped to be pretty cool and the trick can be borrowed from the spectator or at their neck.
    Here check it out

    Anyone else have any holiday magic tricks
  2. Nice idea. I believe Sankey was giving way a trick (Mute) that would accompany this nicely
  3. Thanks but it really sucks that Jay gave away a trick similar, even though i came up with the variation a copule weeks before he post it. im thinking about giving up on the trick. I submittted to alot sites and i guess its not good enough for the holidays. i dont know why since its only ONE BELL BORROWED OR BROUGHT WITH YOU.
  4. If I had to comment, (and I don't know your method), but it seems like you have something else in your hands. Work at making them a bit more open, and adding more convincers to help people not assume you have another item in your hands. Keep playing with it for sure.
  5. Im not saying there is something in my hand but i rushed the film and i wasnt comfortable shooting since i only had like ten minutes in school to do it. P.s my hands cand be open a whole lot during performance!!

    Do you have any other holiday tricks

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