Christopher Wiehl's "Seattle's Finest"


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Sep 14, 2008
Louisville, OH
Who says you need an espresso machine to make great coffee? Just easily make it in your hands, instantly.

Christopher Wiehl has devised a most clever method of taking some easily found, everyday objects in a coffee shop and bringing them together to make deliciously brewed coffee in the palm of your hands.

Take a coffee bean, a creamer cup and some sugar, pour them all into your hand - now enjoy your fresh brewed miracle right from your palm.

It's the perfect trick to liven up your next trip to the coffee shop.
Simple Setup
Easy to perform
Everyday objects (You will be able to obtain EVERYTHING that you need very easily and cheaply)
No Thumb Tip needed
Great for Coffee Shops or restaurant work (however this is probably NOT a strolling effect that you would perform over and over. I'd maybe perform this for just a few special tables as you would need multiple set ups prepared)

Available at:

Format: Download
Cost: $4.95
Runtime: 11:17 min (10 min instructional)

Seattle's Finest is an outstanding coffee effect that will leave some spectators just shaking their heads and others smiling as you drink the coffee or even allow them to down it. It's REAL coffee!

I really like the sequence of events that takes place throughout the effect. You can tell that Chris has definitely put some time and thought into "why" things need to happen a certain way during the load phase. I believe Calen Morelli helped on portions of this as well.

One downfall is that you are left a little dirty in the one hand which may be a turn off for some magicians, but others who do not lack confidence and like a bold style will absolutely fall in love with this effect.

Chris has another winner here with Seattle's Finest. I just may be testing this bad boy out at my next magic club meeting.
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