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  1. Chronic by Kevin Parker

    Combine two of Kevin Parker's underground material-'Sadistic' and 'Superior Psych'-and you'll get 'Chronic'.​

    Kevin Parker breaks down each effect with step-by-step instructions and how to carefully perform each one to guarantee you don't always fail, but instead leave your spectators in awe. Kevin Parker also includes various scripts, tips and subtleties to help along the way. 'Sadistic' starts off with a 6 page ebook, while 'Superior Psych' is a 9 page ebook, more then enough detail to teach you each and every effect. Another thing I praise Kevin Parker for is how he really dwelled into each effect and carefully constructed each one... you can tell time and research really went into this project. So what does the 'Chronic' package include? Well, here's the contents:

    Sadistic: The performer ribbon spreads a deck of cards, turns his back and has a spectator select a card. The card is memorized and replaced into the deck; the deck is squared and put away by the spectator. The performer names the selected card. He doesn't even have to turn back around.

    Upon first viewing the demo of this effect [] I was literally speechless... I had no idea. I'm also disappointed that Kevin Parker let this one go, it should have been kept underground for awhile. Kevin Parker, as said before, teaches HOW TO perform 'Sadistic'. 'Sadistic' relies on a few psychological techniques that Kevin Parker carefully crafted into this routine and what you see is what you get [spread the cards, turn around, have the spectator take any card, and then reveal it with 100% accuracy]. So what happens if you do fail? Well, Kevin Parker has included 2 clever outs that proved you were right all along, so in the end you never really fail-a win-win situation. I give 'Sadistic' 2 thumbs way up!

    Spectator's Mental Card to Spectator's Pocket: A card is shown, say the King of Spades. The spectator places the card into his pocket. The spectator is then asked to think of a card, and concentrate on it. Without ever having to answer a question or say what card they were thinking of, the spectator removes the card from their pocket to see that it has changed into the card they were thinking of.

    What can I say about this one? Well first, this is too powerful... seriously. I really like this one and can see myself using this one quite often. Kevin Parker supplies you with a linguistic principle to plant a card in the spectator's mind... very clever, and very devious. Under the right conditions and with a hit, this will give you a huge reaction. And that's the beauty of this effect, you're changing a random card into the spectator's card, that they're THINKING of. Pure, clean and direct.

    Mixed Signals: A three digit number is written down on a piece of paper and pocketed by a spectator. The spectator then dials a completely different three digit number into their cell phone, and shows it to another friend. The friend, however, sees the number the spectator originally wrote down. But, when the spectator sees the phone, the numbers he keyed in are still there!

    This is one is quite bold, I should say. Although the effect itself is quite phenomenal. You'll need nothing more than just a pen and paper, the spectator supplies the cell phone. I find this one very interesting and again, performed the way Kevin Parker this will be the most talked about effect between the two spectators. If your friend was to see your written down numbers in your pocket on the screen of your cell phone, even though the numbers are random, wouldn't you be amazed?

    Remote Viewing with a Photo: A spectator divines the contents of a photo they never see, held the whole time by the performer. No oddly suggestive questions and the performer only tips that it’s a place.

    This one, as Kevin Parker describes is, "an unexplainable case of remote viewing", and it surely is. One thing I enjoyed is how the spectator is the one doing the viewing, they are the one visualizing and creating the scene in their mind, without you ever hitting them what the photo is...other than it's a place. Again, this one relies on a word sensitive script, but when performed the way you're supposed to, then this will definitely be a big hit. This is another one that I could see myself performing quite often. It's simple, powerful and gets the audience involved in an experiment they will never forget. I am lost for words for this one.

    I seriously believe this is one Kevin Parker's BEST product he as put out, so don't overlook it! Some powerful material that I couldn't recommend enough-
  2. OMG!!...I just saw the video...I am really fooled and speechless...and you say I can have this for only 19.95?!!! man!!! I am buying it right now!!

    Kevin Parker keeps improving...I wonder were he will end...
  3. Where is Dee when we need him?

    It's time you come out wherever you are...

    I would recommend all potential buyers to ask Dee Christopher for professional opinions first, then buy Fundamentals or Practical Mental Effects.
  4. Speak his name, and he shall appear.

    I've not read this book, I've read a couple of routines from it. While some of KP's mentalism is clever and will work, there's an equal amount that is just assumption, stuff that isn't doable in the real world.

    I'm very interested to see the methods he puts forward, the card trick looked really good! (y)

  5. This looks really interesting, but how reliable exactly are these effects? Besides the first one where he gives you outs, are the other effects 100% workable? Or will you need to come up with your own outs for them?
    These look amazing, no doubt, but is the reliability there for consistant performances?
  6. As for the other effects, you will have to come up with your own outs... meaning, they won't always hit.
  7. Sorry to say this here, but, Dee can you check your inbox? I PM'd you man!
  8. I was able to review this prior to release, and I have to say, there is some nice work here. It is very simple and straight forward, but (I know it's becoming cliche to say but) it has lots of other applications. I will be posting my review soon.

    Sadistic has worked very well for me the few times I've tried it (100% hit), but it is a force with your back turned, so there is a lot that can go awry. The outs provided are nothing new but still strong (invisible deck for instance is one example), but really you can go into any select-a-card routine from here if managed right.

    The mental card to spectators pocket was a great idea, again very straight forward and simple. But there was no out for it, and it leaves you in an awkward spot that a single invisible deck will not get you out of very well. However the mental force is very straight forward and easy to get down. However I have not had a situation to try it out yet.

    Hope that helps some!

  9. A simple out for a card to spec's pocket is to have a pocket index and transfer the named card into a cop, have them take the card out but keep it face down 'for effect' and place the cop on the face as you turn it over, or switch it as you put it into another spectator's hands so that 'no one can touch the card' and have them name their thought of card aloud again.

    A lot less clean than a spectator just pulling out and turning over the card, but it's a logical enough out that you could get away with it.

    It's 2am here and I've just come back from a night out, so please excuse any grammar issues.

  10. Nice idea Dee. That would work.
  11. To clear up the Eric Ross issue who claims I stole Sadistic from him...

    First, if you ask Eric himself, he will tell you I did not steal the method. He is essentially saying I stole the concept of the effect itself from him: spreading the cards on the table, having someone select one with my back turned, and knowing what they pick. This is not true because I've wanted to create such an effect before I even met Eric, and since I invented the method weeks after Eric told me of his similar desire to create such an effect, he assumes I stole it. Actually I was just succeeding at something I wanted to create before Eric came into the picture. It's just that the bad timing aspect gave him fuel for his argument.
    Anyway, that is what happened, and I guess I will ignore the fact that Eric's false allegations were radio broadcasted to a huge spectrum of the magic community.
  12. KP,

    Is there any possible way for owners of Superior Psyche to purchase Sadistic separately? I'm one of those owners.

  13. Yes, check your pm's.
  14. The Truth From E. Ross Himself

    Hello All,

    I will not be replying to anything further regarding this, I said what I had to say, it's time for me to move forward.

    Thank you.

    E. Ross

    Post edited by moderator per request.
  15. First, I do not think we should tolerare theft when it does occur. I wish you the best in getting this worked out. However, the statement quoted above interests me. I've seen lots of people make claims over the years that were unfounded. So, may I ask what magicians and companies you advise for?

    Just curious.

  16. Well, for one, Eric Ross is an artist over at PaperCraneMagic.
  17. #19 Kpmagic, Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 6, 2010
    The only thing I'm going to say to Eric's claims is that he has misunderstood my actions out of paranoia of being ripped off. There was a time when I had to delay payment to some creators whose tricks I sold for them. I delayed the payment; I did not refuse to send it to them as he is suggesting. I just delayed it as some issues came up. After that I never had to delay a payment.

    Secondly, as for the two tricks he's claiming I put out with Penguin without his name on it, that is not the case. I think he is referring to Xpell and Contort. Contort he had nothing to do with. I told him on the phone how I wanted to bend someone's key (contort) and I cannot believe he does not remember, but anyways I created a working method and it was all me. Now Xpell, Eric was involved in testing the effect, not in the creation of the method, which involves putting a rubber popper in a card box to make it jump, something I already had in my mind but asked Eric for other applications for the popper without mentioning the card box idea, then he mentions it and assumes he oiginated it, and he was credited duely in the tutorial as having tested the effect and getting the materials to test it, and he is complaining about not making it on the cover, which I also was going to do, on the front, even though he didn't create the method, but the designing process which uses a template with my name already at the top (kevin parker presents) was rushed due to time constraints and his name didn't make it on the cover, although he is mentioned right at the beginning of the tutorial. That was a legit mistake, mistakes happen, but he was still credited. He's trying to pass it off as if it's intentional, everything I do, to rip him off.

    So as you can see, Eric simply misinterpets every action I make (which is easy to do) when they all have a legit explanation. Ask yourself why I would set about to rip Eric off when it is so easy for him to retaliate and ruin my rep? And ripping him off openly and obviously? It doesn't make sense.

    What does make more sense is the possibility he is misunderstanding my actions. That is all this is.
  18. By request of Kevin - who would like this to be handled privately and professionally rather than in a public forum - I'm going to close this thread. Please PM me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Thanks guys!
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