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  1. Hey guys, this thread is not only a product question, but also an answer to why I was asking about Theory 11 cards and d+M products a while ago.
    Here goes...

    In 72 days (June 29th) I will be leaving my area of Tennessee for a church camp retreat that is for five days and is lightyears beyond awesome.:D
    I am obviously bringing some tricks with me, but I want to get something new before then (money is not an issue). Something totally awesome that I have never done before with cards (or other objects)

    I have made 2 definite choices of what I am going to buy:
    1. Black Split Spade Lions
    2. Black Centurions

    Now the issue still remains of what I should buy magic-wise
    Here is what I have narrowed it down to...

    1. ONE by d+M
    2. THREE by d+M
    3. Collateral by d+M
    4. Pressure
    5. BeLieVE

    Which would any of you guys consider to be the best of these?
    In other words, which one seems to be the most impossible to your audience?
    I am sure that no matter which of these I get, I will be more than satisfied with whatever my purchase may be.
    I am just looking for your opinions, which I highly value. All men(or magicians) are created equal and I will respect and take into account whatever you may have to offer me. (Sorry if I sounded like a kiss-up)

    P.S. if you live in Tennessee and think you might know what this church camp is and if you're going or not, PM me and we can hook up there and jam with Jesus!
  2. well if i was you i would get believe 1 because you might be able to witness to ppl w/that trick somehow since its called believe and pluss its a great of my fav. about the deck idk cuz i use normal playin cards.
  3. ill jam out w/jesus and magic anyday of the week
  4. I say that you get . . .

    Out of religion.

    No, seriously though, believe what you want, just don't let yourself be spoon fed crap and told it's caviar.
  5. You should probably go with just split spades, and maybe masters from E. They both last really long and look like normal cards. They wont arouse suspicion.

    Some people have said that BeLIEve is really hard to learn, others have said it's really easy. I'm not sure which is true.

    Pressure is extremely easy, it only took me about two days to master.
  6. Oh yeah. Me too dude

  7. I'm not dude don't worry. Jesus changed my life and I know that he is the real stuff. Don't worry though, I am not gonna go all "HEY! YOU! WANNA KNOW ABOUT JESUS?"
  8. ... Or "Have you heard the good news?"
  9. Yeah don't worry, I won't do nothing corny like that.
    All I do is basically say that Jesus is real is all
  10. I have Three and Collateral, Three does not have many effects in it, it's mostly made up of sleights which you can use to create your own routines. Collateral is mostly effects. There's some clever stuff in Three although to be honest I didn't find it exceptionally useful, I found most of the controls unnecessary, they were cool ideas but just didn't seem to be a great improvement over previous methods. Collateral has some really nice material in it, most of it didn't really suit me but it was an interesting read. It might work for you.

    I'd recommend also taking a look at Thoughts of a Madman by DM and Randall Freeman, the material in this is really nice, I found quite a few very practical effects and sleights in it, I think it's all completely impromptu as well.

    I don't have One but I do have Dangerous which has a lot of the same material in, there's some really nice effects in it, mostly impromtu, there's at least 3 effects I quite frequently use, it also made me realise how useful the Gamblers Cop is.

    I wouldn't advise getting Pressure, it's just a single effect, you get loads if you buy a set of DM notes, reviews have been very mixed, personally I don't think it's that great, although that might change if I perform it a bit more.
  11. Theory11 is not the place to discuss religion. I'll let this stay open for now.
  12. yea jesus is the only way he saved me in 05

  13. Dangit tally!! I'm so confused now!!!
  14. You actually fooled me there at first.

    I say get Collateral, it's probably the one I've gotten the most use out of.
  15. since its church, u gotta do beleive, its a nice theme and patter, to go with the setting, pressure,...besides by doing safe effect, they won't think that you are Lucifer himself...i mean look now, we are talking church so anything too out of the ordinary is a little bit extreme....
  16. Well we were not really "discussing" it. Not like you're in a small group or anything. Just more really, well talking about it.

    I wasn't trying to be a preacher, sorry if I came across like that. :(
  17. well because i don't actually own any of those products you mentioned i can't comment on the methods or their practicality... but i will (those who don't do critique)

    (in this i am drawing on my own experience so it could all be different for you) if i was you i would think about what would be the most practical. i'm not sure whether you are actually wanted a trick that has a religious theme to it or if you just want to perform magic to your friends while at a church camp.

    also impromptuness would be important as you may not have much time or space to 'get ready' for whatever trick, also i personally would go around with a gimmick in my pocket with caution, expecially if it's something that isn't that durable as you never know when a spontaneous bout of football occurs.

    in my personal opinion i would look more towards ONE and collateral as they are a collection of tricks compared to believe or pressure and i am a fan of madison's work

    but mainly just get what you like and what looks the best to you

    hope you have a great camp whatever happens
  18. Alright, some opinions I've gathered...

    ONE is one of two products which will give you a large collection of strong effects.

    THREE is definitely for more advanced magicians; it'll help you create your own magic and give you lots of sleights for interesting things, but it won't spoon feed you anything, so if you're up to it, that's probably the best way to go in the long run.

    Collateral is the other collection of effects product. Toss up between ONE and Collateral, have a look at some reviews, see what interests you.

    Pressure is not recommended, really. I personally don't like it, although plenty of people have liked it as well, so that's a personal preference. It's not a bad effect, but compared to the other products you've listed, fall short.

    Believe is good, but I think you can get better bang for your buck, put simply.

    I'd also like to encourage you to look past Theory11 and look to learn from older and more established sources; I feel you will ultimately gain more from Vernon or Marlo as a magician, (I'm assuming you're a reasonably intelligent person here... There's always the odd idiot who claims these to be useless) than from any one of these products.
  19. What do you mean by better bang for my buck? Is Believe not worth it, or could I just get better results with Vernon, Marlo, or Madison?

    And thank you very much for the comment on my intelligence. :D
  20. K I have now narrowed it down to either
    AHHHH!!! All the choices are good, but I can't pick!!
    (sorry, I had a cherry coke 6th period and I am still hyper)

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