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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by MagicallyKatie, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any effects with cigars?

    I've seen one website with gimmicked cigars, but they don't look appropriate for close up magic and probably better suited for comedy.

    Other than that I have seen very little online that appears of be of any substance. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?

  2. Brian brushwood has a page on youtube and its called scamschool it has a trick where you hand the spectator a cigarette and tell them to cut it in half how you do it is light the orange end and when its on fire make it like a blade and then yse it like a knife
  3. How would you use the cigar? (What effect are you trying to achieve?) That may help others narrow down search queries.
  4. I haven't seen that much in the way of cigar magic, aside from the multiplying cigars. There's loads on cigarettes though, which could be applied to smaller cigars. If you have a look on Lybrary, you'll find a bunch of ebooks that have cigarette magic in them. For videos, Mullica's series is great and Dan Harlan has a Tarbell video download over on penguin.
  5. Thanks everyone!

    I didn't have anything in my head that I was looking to achieve, I'm looking at it open minded in the sense it could go in many directions. I just knew I needed to do something with a cigar, and anything decent would be a good starting point to develop from. Multiplying cigars sounds interesting and thank you for the Tom Mullica recommendations! I wouldn't have even bothered checking since it's titled as cigarette magic. And I'm assuming that most cigarette magic I am not going to be able to pull off with a churchill or even corona size cigar. But it looks like it's more involved than just cigarettes.

  6. Hello katie,

    Try and think of the object based on its shape; Long and cylindrical. Then think of other props which fit those criteria; cigarettes, lighter, silverware, pens/pencils/markers, wands, etc. Now see if any of the effects you know with any of the other props are applicable to cigars. As for specific material Tom Mullica is a great start. I would also recommend John Carney's "Book of Secrets" in it he has an ingenious routine where wooden cigars come from a very tiny purse, multiply, vanish and reappear inside the small purse (about the size of a thimble.) I would also recommend some of the old wand gags, as well as most standard, "long cylindrical" sleights (stage wand stuff like flipstick, paddle move, etc.)

    Feel free to PM me if you'd like to speak about this in more detail.
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  7. I had the idea of, instead of a spoon bend, you could bend a cigar with your 'mind'

    Or use a cigar cutter and do a cut-and-restore bit
  8. Thanks to everyone for their good advice and input. I'll be sure to follow up in the future with results if they end up being good enough to perform!
  9. I'd like to see this done with cigars haha:

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  10. HAHA he's such a wonderful performer, and one thing that I think can be taken away from everyone in that video is that taking an effect that takes 1 minute and making it 10 minutes is just... So much more fun!

    It would be cool to see a cigar eating routine. We'll see!
  11. That clip amazes me to this day. You can see all the miracles you want on youtube yet one of my favourite videos is of a guy eating cigarettes, mind boggling!
  12. He really is fantastic at it, in fact I think I slightly prefer his performance on Letterman, almost the same routine, but I think a bit more improv shines through on Tom's part. He has excellent comedic timing.

    This is one of the few magic videos I go back an re watch semi regularly.

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