Circle or Fan

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Favorite TH9 Back

  1. Circle Back

    36 vote(s)
  2. Fan Back

    29 vote(s)
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    Hi Guys

    I wanna know which of the TH9 backs are your favorite and why.

    Pros and Cons.

    Tell me some experiences with this wonderful playing cards

  2. Fan Back Rulz!
    But Circle Back are great too!
    SO... Taly Ho's RULZ!!!
  3. Circle Backz for me I love the design better than the Fanz

    TH9 !!!
  4. I like both designs. :)
  5. I'd have to go with fan for effects, but for XCM i kind of like the circle back just because the pirroutte looks soo good
  6. I perfer the circle backs because I like gettind people dizzy when I spin the card:p
  7. Well personally i think the fan backs are the best because when you do cuts, the circles seem to multiply and give a realy nice effect... but i realy like the cirles backs as well because of the....... circle i gess....

    Tally- Hos gonna Break your Bicycles!
  8. I can't wait to read 100 more comments "I like the fanbacks because the design is nicer" or "I like circle backs more!!11"....
  9. Its personal preference.

    Circle backs are nice due to the effect given in a pirrouette (as stated above) and they give displays are nice look too. Fan backs also give displays a nice look, also with giant-fans (as Jerry mentioned this in XB).

    I don't really see any cons about the designs, except maybe for fan-backs as laypeople may find them suspicious or what not, but whatever.

    As I said before, I like both as the designs are both unique and interesting.
  10. It really depends on what I'm using. For example, I prefer red cards, unless I'm using a blue deck then I like Blue ones... same with the circle/fan debate. I think my favourite would be Red Fanback though, because they are just awesome :) (Note this bias is probably due to the fact I'm currently using Red Fanback :p)
  11. i really like the fan but have the circle backs on my vipers as i wanted red pips
  12. Circle backs because they are my favorite. Also, some lay-people tell me that fan backs make the card look really big. And they don't like it.
  13. WHat is tallyhoe fan circle bak and WHERE can I buiy?

    i like both better. great thread.
  14. Fan back for me. Most of the time, at least. :)

  15. i really like circle back, i haven't gotten a fan back yet but ill buy one eventually
    pros:look better

    Cons:none =D
  16. I like the fan back design way better than circles. Do a six packet display cut and you'll see what I mean. Giant fans look WAY better with this deck as well and perching displays can look at lot more complex as well with these types of backs. Blue is my favorite cause under some lighting it looks blackish/green and stuff.
  17. I, personally, like the Fan backs, for two reasons, because they are fan-tastic, and because they're the only ones I have.

  18. yeah i have only used fan backs but i love them
    tally hos are great in general

    but i would say that the black circle backs look amazing!
    i bought a block of fan backs so i don't know to much about circle backs
    but ill try them when i use up my 9 other unopened decks of fan backs
  19. Mixed

    If the deck is blue, I like circles.
    If the deck is red, I like fans.
  20. i like black fan backs.....its pretty much because they are the only ones that i can get my hands on without ordering online!

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