Classes of '09

Jan 18, 2009
Well, graduated high school today and soon to go off in the navy. So here is to anybody else graduating this year.

I am graduating on the 10th July.

Drama, Performance and Theatre Arts (Ba (Hons)) Degree. (Three Years)

I have already graduated with a Performing Arts (ND) (Two Years).

Five years of performing professionally as a performer in all aspects of arts, and also learning about industries and the background information has helped me a lot. Time for me to save up, and perform magic professionally. :)

Congratulations to everyone that has graduated/completed a course! :)
Jan 13, 2008
Still have another year of university (Psychology major, Sociology minor), then 1 year of college (Social Service Worker graduate degree). :)

Wow, over the years I've went through a few majors...Integrated Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Statistical Science, and then finally settled on Psychology. I'm staying an extra year (a 5th year) to add on the Sociology minor. I was double majoring in Psychology and Statistics at one point, but realized it was more effort than it was worth. That, and Sociology was a better fit for me (I opted for the minor instead of the major to give myself a break for my 5th year...I'd rather less classes, especially given that I'll be taking a second language course to cover a first year requirement (an Arts and Humanities course) that I haven't fulfilled yet, because it wasn't required in Engineering; Japanese, by the way). :)

*my university-life story* :p
Sep 2, 2007
I get out in June, then either two years (College #1) or 15 months (Collge #2) of film studies.


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Nov 23, 2007
I graduate this friday. I'm so excited but then again it is a sad time for some reasons. Well I can't wait. Congrats to the other Grads here.
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