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  1. I am having trouble with my classic force and need some good resources for it? Anyone have any? I have royal road and read the section. When I do it I can't time it right sometimes or I am 1 or 2 cards off.
  2. It's mostly a practice, and confidence, thing.

    The best tips I got were from an assortment of lectures that all said the same thing - make sure you're basically holding all the cards that you're not forcing, and reach forward with the deck when they reach out to take the card, so you're basically putting the card into their fingers. This works for most people.
  3. Ok thanks.
  4. As @ChristopherT said, be aware of body position and timing. Keep the cards close to your body as you spread them so that the spectator has to reach to take a card. As they reach, you move the spread toward them so the force card is at their finger tips.

    Also, don't make a big deal of the force. The selection is just the set up to the effect. Act as if it doesn't matter which card they pick. Say something like, before we start I need you to pick a card, it doesn't matter which one, just take a card." If they don't pick the force card, do a different effect. If the effect requires that they pick the force card and you can't change to a different effect, use a different force.
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  5. Thanks for the tips. One thing, do you have them pick a card or touch a card? When I do it to my dad and say pick a card he will rummage through the cards and not even go near the forced card. When he points I have more control but pointing seems odd sometimes to some people.
  6. "Take a card...". not "Pick Any Card."
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  7. Always try to classic force, even if you don't need to it is good practice. Try to force the card for a free selection trick, no one will know anything whether you succeed or fail and it will just build up practice with it.

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