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  1. Hello, what would be some good sources to study the classic force? Ive done the bits from Card College but want a lot more detail. Theres always a hitch when I try to get it done, nothing much, but Id like to get it down solid.
  2. Performance.

    Most of the technique of the classic force is psychological. You can't practice that alone.

    Start forcing a card for every trick you do, even if you don't need to. Particularly if you don't need to, in fact. Just do it, over and over.

    Side note - I actually learned how to classic force when I was a kid, cheating at Uno and other card-based games like that.
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  3. Classic Force by Paul Green is worth looking into.

    Perhaps you could try finding a copy of Gary Ouellet's Close-Up Illusions, a truly wonderful book. It contains Gary's "Touch Force" among many great other things. Paul Harris-Handpicked Astonishments: Card Forces also contains the Touch Force. Which may help you build confidence to work up to the classic force.
  4. Thanks for the tips. I've practised for a couple of days now. I find it is a lot easier to do if I don't think too much. Gonna get it down in about a week or so I think.
  5. Treat it as if it doesn't matter. Have something else you can do if it fails. That way it really doesn't matter.

    Practice it with your eyes closed. If you don't look at the cards and don't look nervous, the spectator won't notice anything.

    Spread the cards with your hands toward you and as your spectator approaches be nice and extend your hands so they have a shorter reach to take a card.

    I'd say probably more like 6 months.
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  6. I'm sorry, I meant to the point where I can do it in a performance.
  7. I've been practicing for like four months and i still don't feel confident enough that to get it every time. It will take a lot of work and practice before you can replace the riffle force my friend.
  8. Royal Road has a section on the classic force, and you can check out Project S by Simon Black for a really good alternative to it.
  9. It clicked for me when I learned without a deck as part of Dani Daortiz's version of the invisible deck.
  10. Where does he cover this?
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  11. I think it's in his first Penguin Live Lecture.

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