Classic Magic of Larry Jennings

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  1. For those of you who won this book:
    Are the effects hard hitting?
    Are the tricks explained with great detail?
    Thank You,
  2. I have it,
    The tricks are hard hitting with the right presentation (My Favorites being: The Homing Card, Synchronization, LJ's Thoughts on Dia Vernons Triumph, and Open Travelers) The reason I say with the right presentation is that most of the tricks in the book come with little or no patter which lets you get your creative juices flowing. The answer to the Second question, many have complained about Mike Maxwell leaving out certain subelties, but I have not found any thing wrong yet so I'm good for right now. Richard Kaufman has a book out called Jennings 67' and having books from that author I can tell you he didn't leave anything out. But the tricks in this book are hard nonetheless and will take time to read and practice, but there are some real gems in this book.
  3. Thank you for helping me out:).I just purchased this book and hope it is awesome.
  4. Yea it its and it's huge so alot of magic to practice!

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