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Classic Palm

May 14, 2009
I am new to coin magic and have recently learned the Classic Palm. Does anyone have any tips on making it look more natural and/or holding it more securely?
Nov 18, 2008
Good to hear that you're starting out working on the basics. It takes a long time to become comfortable with a Classic Palm. The more you hold the coin in the palm, the easier it will become. Tiny muscles will develop in your hand overtime allowing you to have a more relaxed grip on the coin.

Make sure you are holding the coin in the correct position and then leave it there. Try doing different everyday activities with the coin palmed such as writing. Eventually, you will forget the coin is even there and your palm should improve.

What kind of coins are you using?
Jan 21, 2008
Northern Ireland
where did you learn the classic palm from? In my opinion it takes awhile before the hand looks more natural and for the muscles to hold the coin secure.

Please remember a coin isn't a heavy object so you should hold it nice and light, the slights nudge on the hand should knock it out of the palm.

My tip is don't try to straighten the hand totally flat at first (that will come in time), that will make it look more awkward and unnatural.

Coin magic is about time and patiences.

Hope this helps


Daniel Telford
Feb 27, 2008
Grand prairie TX
Keep a coin in classic palm ALL day and try to do everything the same as always.(holding a pencil,spoon,etc) overtime itll look natural.
From time to time check on your hand and fix it to where it looks natural,not so rigid.
Youll figure it out yourself.


Jul 19, 2009
When entering classic palm watch out for your thumb, it will naturally do a suspicious movement that can be detected even with good misdirection. A good way to remove that is by very gently and naturally having your thumbtip and indextip touching eachother, this will make sure the hand stands still. Also remember while in classic palm, even though you have the ability do stretch your fingers and show it empty from the back, your fingers have a natural curl to them.

Security will come in time, and can be helped with some moist (good practice is to wetten your fingers and try to classic palm it and hold it there, it's a challange but rewarding).

Keep the work up mate, remember to use the Coin Magic forum as soon as you need any help, it's quite a solitude but as soon as topics comes up you can expect replies.
May 3, 2008
The classic palm is probably my favorite palm. Now a few tips:

1. The bigger the coin, the more natural this palm will look as you don't have to close your hand as much and it can be more open.

2. Have a coin with you at all times and try to just keep it palmed as much as possible. This will make it come really natural to you.

3. Make sure it's in the right spot in your hand. Just repositioning it a little bit can make all the difference.

4. Keep it casual. If you have a coin palmed in one hand, then keep your other hand in the same position. If one of your hands is slightly bent and the other is straight it will cause suspicion.

May 14, 2009

Thanks for all the tips!

By the way, I learned it from Modern Coin Magic By Bobo.

I also usually practice with a half dollar or quarter.
Aug 2, 2008
palm ALL the time, you'll soon forget your palming. remember the thumb when loading just like Orb said. i find typing while palming nice too

I have been messing with this for the last two days. Its amazing how easy it feels to palm once you pick up a pop or do something else with the coin palmed. After that, it feels effortless! I am going to keep trying this for a while.
Feb 24, 2009
David Stone

I am new to coin magic and have recently learned the Classic Palm. Does anyone have any tips on making it look more natural and/or holding it more securely?

Basic coin magic volume 1 & 2 by David Stone. Take your coin work to the next level. Awesome coin routines... What everyone is saying is good advice: Keep a coin in your palmed position throughout the day, and soon the muscles will develop... Good luck
Sep 24, 2007
Just keeping a coin palmed, though helpful, will more likely make you ambidextrous than improve your palm. Mort people tend to be lazy with the palmed coin and just use the other hand instead. David Stone recommends (while having a coin palmed) wildly moving the fingers around for 60 seconds. This gets your hand used to doing all sorts of actions, including those you might not use in ordinary life. Reed McClintock (Spelling?) has written a book on his method of learning the classic palm. He suggests starting out by palming more than one coin (4, 5, 6 coins). After you have done that to a modicum of success, palming a single coin should be easy.

I haven't tried the McClintock method, but I can attest to the usefulness of David Ston's idea. On a side note... many people palm the coin in the incorrect spot. Try moving the coin a centimeter or two towards the wrist. It might help.
Jun 5, 2009
Seattle, WA
One resource that I found helpful was The "foundations" section there has nice discussion and illustrations. (this is password protected to prevent exposure, so I am not doing the same here)

I agree with everyone else here. Palm as much as you can, and use the hand while palming as much as you can. I usually have 3 silver halfs in my hand all the time. I put two in the palm and then drop one and replace it with the other - over and over and over. Then palm all 3 when I use the hand for something else. Once you learn to hold a coin, it is very important to learn to load and ditch and use the hand while palming, as this is what you need to be able to do when performing.
Sep 30, 2009
Elkhart, IN
I do the same at work. Sometimes it's a coin and other times I like to palm small objects that are around me like (nuts and bolts). This may or may not help with the coins but I find it fun to do. While telling a co-worker "if he didn't watch his inventory all the bolts he had would just disappear" I performed the French Drop followed by the Classic palm and he had no idea what just happened. Magic can be found everywhere you just need to be looking for it!
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