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  1. Hey guys, I want to go back to old school stuff. Any Classic card effect, or at least what people would consider classic. The only rules are: No video editing and no gaff cards/props of any kind. Just a deck, you, and some patter/music. If anyone is interested PM me.
  2. I PMed you.
  3. I might suggest a spelling trick like Gray's Spelling from Royal Road. It's simple and you probably already know it. It was pretty easy to figure out some sort of patter for it. I can pm you what I normally use for patter if you're interested.

  4. I'll battle! What do you consider a classic old school trick though?
  5. hello

    Does a battle have to be two people doing the same trick? What I was thinking is just putting up your favorite classic card effect. But you know, whatever anybody wants to do i'm game.
  6. As I said in my PM. We can do different tricks, just name the battle "Card Classics". And in the rules state that any classic card trick is fair game.

    So should I send you a challenge?
  7. Well, I guess what I classic is tricks like The Biddle Trick, The Ambitious Card, Matching the Cards, stuff like that.

    I just realized though that what I consider a classic somebody else might not.

    This could be very interesting. LOL

    Only rules are no gaffs and no video editing
  8. Absolutely Ayil, send me an invite. Sweet.
  9. I challenge you! Now accept!
  10. Sweet

    I accepted, I have a video of me performing "Maxi Twist" up on there right now
  11. I won't be able to see it until I submit mine. Give a few days.
  12. heh heh, yeah I know, i'm just a little anxious, this is going to be neat, i'm excited.
  13. I am uploading my routine right now. A little earlier than expected.:p

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