Cleaning your hands before using cards

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  1. I've been thinking about it and I figured my decks will definitely last much longer if I clean my hands before using a deck and maybe clean the oils n stuff so that the cards will not start sticking together so soon.

    Does anyone else consider this? I mean at the least a fresh deck will stay fresh a bit longer :p
    I know that for some tricks you actually want a card to stick to your finger or something so for that stuff it wouldn't count but other than that for general deck handling.

    And if anyone does do that what kind of products would you use or how would you clean your hands?
  2. Yes. Always wash your hands w/ soap and water before practicing with a deck (or whenever possible). You can increase it's life span by so much! 1 mucky hand can kill a deck the first time you touch it (I mean, to an extent lol). Most people wash their hands just because the price of cards add up, and because a softer deck that is still looking perfect is ideal for some.
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  3. Yea, I would almost label it a necessity. Especially if you work a labor heavy job. I thought I was just being fussy lol
  4. Well I'm relieved to know its a good thing yes. Though now I'm scared I might develop that obsessive compulsion to wash my hands every time I touch something haha
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  5. I am like a clean freak before using my cards. I think it isent too nesssisary to alwas wash them but it is really hard keeping the grease free and I have washed my hands, sat down and realized my hands are still greasy. I highly recomend this and it is a big habbit for me 2-3 years into card.... using? (I don't know the term :D)
  6. When my hands are oily and greasy, even after I've washed them, I'll use hand sanitizer. It tends to pull all of the oils and grease from my hands, but I only go there when handling more expensive decks.
  7. Yeah indeed I also got something extra for the oils now too, just wondering how healthy it is for your hands to destroy your natural hand fauna i.e bacterial life several times a day.
  8. I've wondered this myself. Having a mild germ phobia though I would assume my hands are accustomed to the antibacterial solutions. I do tend to go through moisturizer quickly though.
  9. In general right before I get into a card magic or cardistry practice/performing session, I rinse my hands with water only. This ensures that the majority of the oils, greases, and general grime that would be harmful to the deck is rinsed off. I typically don't mess around with soap or hand sanitizers unless my hands are really filthy considering that in general I'm a clean person. After a while, if the sweat builds up from messing with my cards in a humid/warm environment I just rinse my hands off again.

    That said, I've found it most effective just to rinse my hands with water and dry them off then to go through much else.
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