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  1. That clicked and I heard someone use that term to describe it I'm assuming it's what I have and does that mean anything when the majority of your decks experience that I'm a huge card spring guy so I'm guessing that that's the reason why ?? Also is it a bad habit to do this during card springing I'll do a card spring and lot of times I'll flip the deck around and spring again but you know the cars will be facing the opposite way they normally are...... Is this a bad way to do it ?? My mind always always trying to even out the bend from the prior spring. Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks guys and gals.
  2. It's something to do with the packaging, how long it was on the shelf, humidity, etc.

    If you break in your deck, you can very easily get rid of it.
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  3. That's what I'm asking and I don't understand is my decks never start off like that after using them for about a week eventually I always get it hahaha . It has to be from one of the sleights I'm practicing just not sure which one.
  4. Take half of your deck, flip it over and interweave (farrow) them into the remaining cards. Shuffle and spring the cards over and over which will then take out that click/bend noise. Yes, the cards will be face up into face down in a wide mixture; however it works :)
  5. To add to what Rick said, after doing that I will usually put them in a card clip and leave em in the fridge for a bit. Sounds weird, and I have no idea why it works but it usually seems to do the trick.
  6. I do not advise putting cards in the fridge. The cooler temperature will encourage condensation. So while they will probably handle pretty well right after they come out of the fridge, there's a solid chance moisture in the air will make the problem much worse once it starts warming up.
  7. Rick,
    Thanks for that bit of info, that sounds like a great idea. I will definitely do that. Is that why it happens in the first place though is it because of cards springing ??
  8. The click bend is a result of uneven absorption of humidity. That is, the edges are more or less humid than the rest of the card. Think fortune telling fish. I've had this happen with decks going from winter climates to the Caribbean or going from summer East Coast climates to western high altitude climates. It also can result of taking a deck out of the box and exposing it to humidity the atmosphere. Think about it, only the edges are exposed - both because the rest of the cards have a finish on them and because the cards are stacked on top of each other. Sometimes leaving the cards separated on a table overnight will help. Doing the interweave face up / face down shuffle and using a Porper card clip also helps. I always store opened decks interwoven (especially jumbo cards which frequently will warp).
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