Clip Shift battle

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by moviesandmagic3, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Anyone up for a clip shift battle? All you have to do is perform the clip shift however you like, as many times as you like (so you can do it on its own and/or within trick). The video has to be a new one made specifically for this battle.
  2. Whatever, I'll do it.

    Send me a challenge.
  3. okay i sent it
  4. I'll agree to battle but under 1 condition, no music in the video. I want to hear sound because that will be the deciding factor. Sound is a big part of the clip shift. You know you are doing it right if you have no sound. challenge me if ur up for it.
  5. Ha-ha! I'm in...

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