Clip Shift Variation - Distance Change

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  1. its a cool new thing to play around.
    and i was scared you found the same variation of me .. which you didn't :p
  2. I think it is quite simply .. amazing !
  3. not directly groundbreaking as the video might sugest. But a nice idea.
  4. i agree. not anything totally new but it was very good.
  5. i think this defeats the purpose of the clipshift to me. it is supposed to be done with one hand and no cover.
  6. it 's GOOD ...but worse still ...the ANGLE...

    i think the Creator himself...wanna hide the sercet move ...

    if u did such a long distance...the angle should only be ur front side...

    that's the WEBCAM position= ="
  7. hah ur spelling is teh FAIL! n00b (end sarcasm)

    anyway, it was alright. Looks like you just palmed a card though. Can you use it in a trick? Show us.
  8. Alright i will try to address some of your comments.

    First i will attend to angles. I have not performed to a spectator but in front of a mirror the angles were good from the front around to the side. This is similar to the angles of a pass so i believe it could be performed live and it would still look good. (i would not have continued to practice the move if i was not able to perform it live)

    I would also like to note that this is not an improvement on the clip shift. It is a variation. I am not trying to say that this method is the best but it is visually different. It is more open and it has a little more prestige to it rather than just shaking the deck with one hand. So yes it it defeats the purpose of the clip shift being a one handed covered move but that is why it is a "variation."

    Now to answer jazzhands1 comment. Yes i did palm a card but it is the way i palmed it that is what i am showing. I used the clip shift to get it into an unconventional palm. Think about it when your overhand pulls away from a deck it usually curls into a loose fist. by palming the card using the clip shift i am able to do that. Thus my hand looks a lot more natural. Also this palm allows the color change to be performed quickly as the curled fingers project the card so there is less movement compared to throwing the card from a regular palm.

    As for using it in a trick, you can use it anywhere you would use a clip shift.

    The reason i like it is because it is a very natural way of bottom palming the card and the quick replacement, to me, makes a very believable color change.
  9. Dude this isnt oringinal .. a lot of people have been using it already even in youtube.
  10. where show me?
  11. As I stated on the DnD forums, this is Ichiro Araki's "Electric Change" and can be found on his DVD "Card Master".
  12. Alright just looked at the card master demo. My change is very different. While he finger palms the card and places it on top i just pin the card to my palm with my fingers and throw it on top.

    They are different methods. I use the clip shift to get into my palm and he does not.
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    I don't have the DVD but I'm 99% sure he uses the beginning of the Clipshift, and Tenkai Palm to accomplish this change, which means all 4 fingers can be spread openly before the change takes place rather than in a fist.
  14. seriously man, your clipshift flashed like.... soooo many times. and the (your) finger palm palm variatation is not by any means "orginal", "groundbreaking" or even (imo) good. im sorry, but im gunna go with fail at this one.
  15. ya dude... on my youtube, i have been using this change for at least two years now. so you definitly didn't create it...
  16. it not even that good... you flashed on all of your clipshifts... it was pretty terrible... sorry to break it to you
  17. Didn't Chad Nelson put this in the dvd...maybe not the exact mechanics...but Clipshift to palm to color* change...this isn't much different than that.

    just saying.


    *He did a specific change, but to hide the method of it I just put color. (no point in revealing something that might perplex people).

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