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  2. very good. im fooled :)
  3. I've been fooled...but really fooled....
    Then I figured it out...

    Really good performance :)
    But you were right, these tricks are NOT :) meant to be filmed :)
    Rated 5* :)
  4. thanks :) Glad you liked it. It's very straightforward but a real mindblower in person..
  5. That was sick. I have no idea, very well performed. I would freak if I saw this live :D

  6. Thanks dude.. I loved the trick the first time i saw it. Its the kinda thing that i'd like to watch..
  7. Very nice performance, I've been doing clip trip for about a year now and love the reactions I get every time I use it. It's one of the best impromptu pieces I've come across, all you need is a paperclip and an audience.
  8. this looks pretty good. i was fooled. you said you learned it in the limited lecture notes. where did you get the lecture notes at?
  9. The notes are sold, and can be purchased, at for 25 dollars.
  10. I got them directly from Daniel Garcia at one of his lectures. But you can get them at ;)
  11. That is just from his notes right? The one's with warning on them? I never really liked the trick but I could see how it could appeal to others.
  12. I really liked the video. This is the way videos should be, simple and sweet. Excelent job, really liked the effect as well.
  13. You can also find it in Joshua Jay's "Magic: The Complete Course", credited and included with permission, of course.

    It's not very workable in most situations, but it makes a nice little effect for random impromptu performances for a small audience when there happens to be a paper-clip lying around.


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