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  1. Somebody PM me please, i have been working on the clipshift for a few days now. I know that doesn't seem like much, but i have read the booklet and watched the teaching many times and one of the basic parts of the move just never works for me.
  2. just practice, kid. This move is tough, it will take sometime.
  3. 7 months and counting still not good enough for me
  4. It took me about 3 months to get anywhere with the move. My best advice is just to make sure you read everything carefully and don't pick up bad habits.
  5. My advice is don't waste your time... what the hell are you going to use the move for anyways? Quite honestly, so many people waste their time with this "sleight." The only great thing I see about it is using it as a modified control... besides that, I see no use for it. Sure, it's a "new" color change but there are so many others that are just more economical and about three times more visual. If I were you, I'd forget about pursuing it for months like the rest of us did, or have contemplated doing.

    If you truly want to learn the move, you're going to have to learn TONS of different fingers positions and tweak it around to your own personal style/handling. People have had SUCH trouble with the mechanics of this sleight, and I think that it is heavily dependent on the cards you use and the size of your hands, and the strength of your grip. So much to take into consideration, so I actually suggest meeting with a magician friend or two, at least, to see what they have changed. Often I am able to approach my mentor (whom I traded handlings with), and we were actually able to improve each others' execution.
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    This has helped me out for since reading it. Link Deleted by moderator due to minor exposure
  7. I whole heartedly agree with King of Cards

    This sleight is beautiful in the right hands and very nice in the passable ones. However the other day I saw someone do a routine which used it and it was not bad, however the problem came that he tried to do a classic pass and it was dreadful. This is a huge problem in my eyes as this kid spent so much effort learning this move however the classic pass should have had the same effort applied to it.
  8. This move is overhyped. Besides, in many peoples hands', it looks awful. However, I still think it is worth learning. I have absolutely tiny hands, and no, I don't use them as an excuse. I spent a year figuring out a good grip for me then eight months practicing, and I still haven't got it. Just keep practicing.
  9. it's not overhyped in my case, to be sincere i Have enjoyed it since I first startet learning it, and I perform the routines almost everywhere, maybe Ill post a video of criterion later....

    BTW, if you need tips or help, just send me a PM with your questions NJ :D
  10. You should send that via PM, that's exposure and someone can discover the method, sorry ill report the link.
  11. Just put your heart and soul into it. Watch the DVD tons and tons of times. Read the booklet tons and tons of times. It takes time and practice. Believe me, the move is worth learning. I can't use it yet when performing, but it has tons of uses.

    I do not think it's an overhyped move. It's a great move and is one of my favorite color changes. (Of course, that's just my opinion.) Just keep at it.

    I deleted the link one of the users posted to help. I won't put it back up, but I think I can say one thing that may help. Hold the cards gently! Believe me. When doing all sleight of hand, a loose group is necessary. Cards are slippery pieces of paper. They don't need a ton of force to get them to act properly. Loose grip. You'll get it eventually. My Clipshift is improving. :) I haven't really been practicing it that much. Time to get back into it. ;)

  12. Can I jut say the site that was previously posted was not an exposure site.
  13. it is not that hard

    Every body here talk about practice like it is something bad. When i practice my first move, i don't like it. but later on when i learn more sleight of hand, like the clip shift, i found myself enjoying it. Sometime i would start thinking way to do it in class that i can't wait to get a deck in my hand amd starting playing with it. Practicing sould not be something sad, it should be something happy to do. you should enjoy practicing. if you don't, give up on the move, or come back to it later.

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