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  1. Honestly how many times [ approximately ]did you practice Clipshift a day to get it perfect? And how many moths did it take you?
  2. Id say i was practicing the clipshift for about 3 weeks solidly before i got it looking pretty good, it is so worth it ,it just plain brilliant i cant say enough about it!
  3. 3 weeks? It took jordan lapping 7 months to have it perfect, Right now is the only thing I practice and I have like 2 months doing it, I have a decent cilpshift, but it is far from getting perfect.

    Have a nice day....

    BTW... Magicman, you sure are rich right? I see you practicing new things and asking about some material too often dude.
  4. I've been working on mine since early May, and i am pretty close to having it perfect i think. I worked out a lot of little issues since the last video i posted (a couple weeks ago). Its amazing what you can learn from watching yourself on film.

    So yeah i would say about 7 months. Maybe 8 before im completely happy with it.

    Victor Cruz
  5. I'm doing it well but not perfect. I've been practicing from a month after Surface started shipping.

    Dan1elJoyce you must have a gift to get it that quickly.

    magicman1212 I hope that you perfect
    Push thru Shuffle
    Zarrow shuffle
    second deal
    Dribble Pass

    all within two weeks! Lol!
  6. 3 week was to get it to a pretty reasonable standard, and i do mean solidly every day for 3 weeks i had a deck in my hand practicing it and doing nothing else ( i also have allot of time on my hand witch helps )
  7. 4 months still not perfect have show to some and i just start to learn the 26 shift which is lot easier after learning the clipshift
  8. Why would asume something like that, first off I have a job second off I really buy effects i get proper help from magicians in my ring that have been doing magic for 40 years.
  9. Yeah thats a joke changing my sig. now
  10. I have recently started practice on the clipshift and have found it pretty easy to get a decent, (but not quite yet performable) clipshift in a couple of weeks. It will take months to get it "perfect" though.
    Remember, the clipshift is not one of those sleights that you won't be able to do at all until a long time. It's one of those sleights that you will understand and be able to do fairly quickly, but will take a good amount of time to master completely.
  11. I like to think I have a decent clipshift, and I've been practicing for maybe 2- 3 months now.
  12. Well, by looking at some of your posts and threads......

    You bought the last 3 ! on 1 videos....

    You started "perfecting" the cilpshift so Ill assume tha you just bought it....

    You have asked refences on a lot of dvs, like benjamin earl "past midnight" some dvd's about gambling wouuuw, I am kind of lazy so I dont want to start looking for more threads...

    Come on! I have seen you perform, you should take more practice on presentation rather than looking for your next big closer!!!

    And on a more personal opinion, I think that you are young cocky guy, and I really hate magicians with that kind of attitute" hey! look everybody, I am the best at this technique! please tell me I am".

    Just look at your signature..."yeah, Im not a noob so go hard on me"

    come on....

    Have a nice day.....
  13. ...Thus began the RDChopper/Magicman1212 rivalry.

    Come RD, just cut this out, stay focused on the thread question.

    My answer?

    I have had about 4 months of practice and have gotten it quite well, performable speed definetly, but it is still one of those things you have to keep practicing [for me].

    Take care,


  14. Practiced for about a month, have performed it a few times as well.

    It's just harder to get into as a colour change so i use others (ego, erdnase/houdini, snap, clipshift-winter). They just seem to be easier and less covered.
  15. well yeah, sorry, I was little out of the thread...

    and I dont hate the guy, I hate his attitude towards magic, thanks magicsanj.
  16. well there are some things that havd helped me with practicing the clipshift...

    Bowing the deck: If you bow the deck just before the move, it helps to clear the card easily and it gives you a little more control over it, I have seen the bucks and chad do it before the move, and I tried it, it works...

    Worn Deck: I have found that is it a lot easier to practice the move with a worn deck rather than a new one, the cards are just to stiff....

    Speed: don't worry about the speed, just worry to make it silent and angle proof, speed will come later....

    Finger positions: check were your fingers are before the sleight, this can be crucial in your succes at doing it...

    welll these are the things that have helped me with the move I hope they help someone else.

    Have a nice day everyone.:D
  17. I'm getting the popcorns!
  18. I have tiny hands ( I'm twelve years old), so the clip shift is extremely hard for me. My hands are too small to palm a card. I have been working on it for two months on it, and I still cant even complete the move. My problem is that my right index finger cannot reach the card to square it with the deck.
    But good luck magicman1212.
    -All the best, Dmagic
  19. The first 2 months I practiced Clipshift was just doing it a lot, and I got it down pretty good. And then what I did, I had the deck face-up, turn one card face-down and did 52 clipshifts until I reached the face-down card. Then I did the same with 26 cards and 13 cards. That kind of practicing really helps to your dribble control. Hope that helps, at least it helped me a lot.
  20. Awesome thanks

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