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  1. Brilliant, as long as its silent you are all set
  2. Criticism? Yeah right. That was ridiculous. You are the first person i have ever seen that didnt shake the deck whilst performing it, and that officially makes every other performance that i have seen look pathetic. Bravo.
  3. very slick. I love the fact you did not shake the deck! By far this is one of the best clipshifts I have ever seen!
  4. Wow. That was amazingly smooth.
  5. Best clipshift
  6. Everybody that does the clipshift, this is what I hope you are striving for now.

    Bout as close to perfection as you can get. Great Job.
  7. Very nice. Looks like to me you didn't have to try very hard. Keep up the nice work.
  8. Thanks for the good comments.
  9. The shake isnt because they are incapable of doing it this way.
    For laymen,the shake is when the "magic moment" is happening.Much like a wave of the hand.
  10. You could present it as such, but the "shake" was originally intended to cover up part of the move, If you perform the move right, you should't flash the card, the problem when doing it is the famous"knuckle flash" that shows while doing it. The sahke is intended to cover this.
  11. I realize that, but it doesn't change the fact that it looks bad.
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    I should also say that im not necessarily talking about everyone who shakes the deck, but those that sling there wrist out of joint trying to do it. You can shake the deck and still make it look good, but the way this guy does it, to me, looks much nicer than even the smallest of shakes.
  13. WOW, your clipshift is insane.
  14. I thought your clip shift was a very good one . To be able to do that move so well I can only dream of. Performing a good clip shift is like fighting a giant dinosaur , its pretty hard.
  15. Dude, that was nice. How long did it take you to get it that good?


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