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  1. Hello,
    So recently I've been working on the clip shift and found out I was doing the shift part of the move wrong, great. Anyways I was wondering how long it took a lot of you guys to get down to a speedy and convincing colour change? So far I'm loving the move and can't wait to implement it into a few tricks!
  2. I was an advanced card magician when I purchased
    Chad's DVD. It took me a month to get the mechanics down, six months of practicing before I performed it, and a full year to perfect it and make it silent. Looking back, I should've practiced a full year before I ever performed it.

  3. I on the other hand was fairly new to magic. I was only doing magic I believe a year or maybe half a year. It took me a couple months to get the grip and the change down. Maybe five or four months until I felt I was doing it good enough that i could show someone but only on camera, than I am still practicing to this day to making it silent and to perform it for someone in person. And right now I have been doing magic for two and a half years and cardistry for almost two years. I have to admit that it is fairly difficult and I know that it will be a couple months still maybe a year until I feel comfortable enough to show it to someone in person and to make it silent and smooth. But I can not wait for it so i practice it all the time lol
  4. Thanks Cameron, so it takes a while. But that's fine.
  5. I found you can use it even when making a noise by performing the get ready that makes the noise clipping the card over while at the same time pulling out another card from the bottom of the packet as if it is their card then while squaring up their (not their) card on the other packet you flick their card into position in the other hand and return the top packet to the deck.
  6. deadlyapples

    sent you a pm

  7. So I have been learning this for a week now and done a progress video. Loving this move. Very useful. I have it almost silent and pretty invisible for the most part. Was also learning how to use my camera for video as I haven't really used it yet and thought why not do both. Hope this is ok. It isn't exposure just a demonstration.
  8. For me. I practiced it a bit. I actually gave up on it and reverted back to one handed cuts.
  9. No way as in exposure. Actually, it's hard to believe.

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