CLOCKWORK - Trailer Two

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  1. O man this is crazy:D
  2. Very nice! When are you releasing this? And how much is it going to cost?
  3. snap D...?
  4. whaaa!

    When is this going to be made available?! This looks awesome...great job d00d.
  5. Looks great, the thing that bothers me is that you are promoting them like

    Ten new brand flourishes!

    When they are not, I saw lot fo the flourishes from the trilogy there, they are just variations. Thats the only thing that bothers me man.
  6. There's only one flourish that's similar to something on the trilogy, and that's the one that looks kind of like Eko. But if you watch the entire flourish, it's actually very different.

    Also, it's not Snap-d, its a different card spin all together.
  7. I saw molecules, I saw eko, I saw tectonic verb, I saw madonna.

    I mean, it looks good, but if you keep this attitude of " Oh of course not!, you are wrong" you are going to lose some customers man.

    Promotion your thang as it is, dont come and say it's TEN BRAND NEW bla bla, when they are not.
  8. There is no molecule? Where did you see that?
    There's no Madonna in that video, but I do use a Madonna principle in the end of one flourish.
    Eko, yes a one move from there.

    You need to see the flourishes in full to see.

    I will post it.
  9. Oh, and that's not Tectonic Verb. Tectonic verb is done sideways.
  10. But thats what he said...varations of whats on the Trilogy.
  11. Molecule: .34 sec, after the flaring that is obviously a molecule.

    Madona : .24 sec, its the first phase of the J5

    Duh? isn't that the same thing? "the madonna principle" what the hell does that means? you are grabing the cards in the same or "principle" as a madonna.

    And about 'tectonic verb" you are using the same "principle"

    Again, the moves look awesome, but I just saw a ot of variations of DnD flourishes.

    There were maybe a thing or two that stood out to me because they were original, but come on, you can't advertise them as "TEN BRAND NEW FLOURISHES"
  12. Nope, All my problem here is that on his first "trailer" he is advertising them as "brand new" as in "new concepts"

  13. Is this gonna be sell on t11 or?
  14. This looks pretty awesome Chris. I'm looking forward too it and I'm interested in purchasing.
  15. No,of course not.
    They already have Genesis coming out, no need for another DVD at the same time.
  16. 24 sec isn't Madonna, it doesn't even look like Madonna? I strip the packet out of the deck, it's at a right angle? I know Madonna, and that's not it.
  17. Gee golly gosh :rolleyes:
  18. Whatever, but definitely some good stuff there man!

  19. Yea i was agreeing with you.

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