Cloned Card Trick (do you like it?)

Nov 27, 2010
hey everyone. i was wondering if you liked my new card trick. let me know what you think.
thxs schwarzeneggermagic
[video=youtube;XxHef4A5bho] [/video]
Not bad, I wouldn't say I like it YET. The idea of this trick is good especially being impromptu but it needs more work. Why use 2 decks? Instead of having the spec pick a card out of one deck then you look through the 2nd deck to match their card, why not just show them a card from a different deck before they select theirs? For example, you can show them a single red backed card but don't show them the face, explain how its a prediction then place the card face down in their palm or on the table. Now have them select the card, then show the card you showed before making their selection is a duplicate of their card. Showing a prediction before the event takes place then having the prediction correct is a stronger effect then having them select the card then you take time to search through the 2nd deck to find its match. Hope this helps.
Jul 27, 2010
Chicago, Illinois
Alright, a few suggestions. First, you could just pull out the mate of the card in the deck. That way you wouldn't need two decks. Also, you should show the spectators chosen card first and THEN the one you pulled out. That way the applause goes to you and not the spec who picked it.
Gave you advice at E.

Don't like it to much.

To simple.

You're going to struggle with magic if you take the 'simple means it's no good' attitude. Some of (if not all) of my best tricks are simple.

I liked this. It needs more (better) presentation though. And yes, just pull the mate out of the same deck. No need for the second deck.

And to re-iterate what I said on one of you other videos: Go and film yourself doing this to a real life person. You really can't gauge how good a mind reading style effect is if there is no audience, because in this trick there is really nothing to see in terms of visual entertainment, the real fun part is how you present it.

Best of luck.

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