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  1. Im looking for a close up pad/mat/whatever. Do you have any recommendations?
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    Just go on ebay and type close up pad, they're like $7.
  3. The VDF ones that PenguinMagic sells are pretty good, I hear.

    Plus, they cost less than $10.

  4. You can also look for jewelry display felt pads which come in various sizes and are sweet for ribbon spreads and what not. They don't roll up but are easy to carry because they are usually a 7 by 14 rectangle. I believe if you check online you can even find huge ones that are like 24 by 36 inches. Just another idea if you like something different.
  5. Link? I can't find it on the site.
  6. Would you guys recommend those? I actually need a Close Up Pad myself. Despite the fact those are cheap, are they good quality? I would rather not buy a pad that has bad quality rather than a pad that has good quality.

  7. Hey, if you want an even cheaper option, go to like walgreens and buy a martha stewart place mat. They are near 2 or 3 dollars, you can roll it up, and it's just like a mat.


    They're based near my house, and have great service. I'd recommend getting a pad from them (just don't get the Shoot Ogawa pad...). You can get a normal or large-sized pad, the most expensive non Shoot-Ogawa is, I believe, rather cheap.
  9. I made my own, with a cork board and some felt from Spotlight, it cost under 10 bucks and it works fine.

  10. I just ordered the VDF close up mat.

    EDIT: Second order for magic stuff of my whole life!
  11. I need to get one too.
  12. But is there anyone that has the VDF pro close-up pad? Can anybody tell me hows its like?
  13. Dude, Close Up pads cost under $10.
  14. And I'll bet it's super classy!
  15. This piece of crap :

    Compared with this:


    BIG difference?

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