Closely Guarded Secret in Magic

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  1. What are the TRUE SECRETS in magic ?
  2. Alright I'll tell you them but be aware that it is of upmost importance that these "secrets" stay "secrets"
    Here they are

    Practice,Imagination and determination

    That are the real secrets
  3. If there are TRUE secrets about magic out there, you probably won't find them in a T11 thread, hence the secret part. I honestly think only a small number of people in the world have a "comprehensive understanding of magic", for lack of a better term. Plus, "true secrets" is a bit of a vague term. What do you mean exactly? Do you mean methods, secrets from a philosophical standpoint, or something else?
  4. It's a question we asked Jason England in early 2012. He showed us something that the community at large would love to be in on. Something that a few magicians have jealously guarded and kept a secret for over a century. Even though this concept has appeared in print in the past, most people are not aware of it. We'll be releasing this project within about a month. It's a tool, it's a concept, and a powerful secret weapon for magicians and gamblers alike.

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