Clutch by Oz Pearlman

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  1. Hey guys, I really want to get this trick, does anybody have it? Is it worth it? Looks like a really good little impromptu effect. :)

    Thanks! :D
  2. u will laugh at the method if u buy it, but yes its impromptu and is really cool, but one again, the method will hit ya right in between the eyes
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  3. It is an amazing effect, you should buy it.
  4. mmm fan control...
  5. i'd say its a pretty hard hitting effect, i usually perform it when ive got a doubtful audience. (or an audience with a heckler in it, etc)
  6. my friend taught me it.

    It is simply amazing for those who keep trying to catch what you are doing.

    I do it at school. so, it's awkward doing it out of hoodies :]
  7. Is this not an old effect?

    It's one thing when they re-sell old effects as downloads, and they are treated as old effects, but to sell it and claim it as your own original creation??
  8. Thanks for the input so far guys. :)

    Yeah, this trick seems to be a heckler killer :D I like how it's impromptu and hard hitting.
  9. its cool but idk if its worth the money cuz.... well.... because.... ok just buy it and when you hear how its done than you'll know. I mean its awesome and totally practical, but haha, its one of those "should have thought of that" effects
  10. Really? Everyone here likes this? I don't own it but I thought of a method the second I watched it and if it's the same thing, I just don't think it could actually fool anyone. Sorry, but this seems completely unimpressive to me. And everyone saying it IS really simple and that you'll kick yourself...I think I have got the right method. Seriously, I don't find this impressive in any way.
    Not trying to blow my own horn or be a party pooper or anything here, just giving my honest opinion.
  11. I'm gonna side with Randomwrath for different reasons and say that in my opinion, this effect is total rubbish. The entire patter is based around "Look how I can fool you!" The fact that this was brought up as a "heckler killer" - are you kidding me? Please learn to deal with hecklers, and not through so called "heckler killers". You're trying to create magic, not a game of one-upsmanship.
  12. Thanks for the comment. I don't even know how hard hitting it would be to hecklers I was just building up on sinful07's comment.
  13. Why, are you always the spectator? view it in the spectator's eyes.

    You choose a card (can be signed), YOU shuffle. Deck is put back in the box, closed and can be put into any pocket.

    in an amazing feat, the magician still manages to find the card even though the deck is inside a pocket and the box is still closed.

    Stop having magician eyes. it may not impress you, but you're not the bloody spectator now are you?
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  14. This is a fair point, however I was trying to give my completely honest opinion on this effect. I am in no way saying that I am right; I am adding another opinion to the mix. Agree or disagree, this is what I think about Clutch. Overhyped for a trick that seems obvious (to my eye at least). If you like it, feel free to get it. Just making sure you have both sides of the argument before rushing in and spending your money.
  15. I respect your opinion- but im arguing againts those who think its a crap effect.

    If it creates astonishment, whether its a simple Double lift reveal then its good enough. its what the spectator remembers, not what they see. (as Wayne Houchy-Hoochy said)
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    It's not what you do, it's how you present it. It seems a bit silly to accuse me of that, when you disregard my comment which directly relates to your argument about how it's perceived by a spectator. If that deck was also trained in stealth techniques by a Ninja, a triple agent secretly working for the CIA, and then was locked inside the vault of the Bellagio and guarded by 17 482 clones of Fluffy the three-headed dog from Harry Potter, except all with dinosaur heads rather than dog heads à la Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, it would nonetheless be useless as a magic effect if your presentation revolved around - "Look what I can do. I'm better than you." The very notion that a trick can be "good for hecklers" isn't very considerate of the audience either. From the perspective of your spectators, whether or not you have a heckler, they're still an audience member, and they themselves still want to be entertained. In any case, all I'm offering is my opinion, that the presentation of a simple effect revolving around "Look what I can do, this is how I'm smarter than you" isn't worth the paper of the bills you're paying for it with.
  17. Yes I have seen this method in print before from a very old book, quite unsurprising really as this seems to be the norm with magic today.
  18. So why put the card in the middle of the deck when you can get it back to the top in an ACR?

    Mind- that's another "Look what i can do" sort of thing.

    Elaborate. You're justifying with Illogical thoughts. Bear in mind were revolving around the thought of Astonishment, by which most relies on a lot of patter. who cares How you present it, no one ever told you that in DnD's subway to say that your selected card pops up later on in the latter Two random cards, or you can say that its called subway and the selected card is a bloody hotdog and the latter two cards are Buns. or in an ACR you can say that the card rises on top because its frickin ghetto- it eliminated those broke ass'ed ho's and became king-of-the-crack.

    i dont really see the point in your argument- any effect you can perform can be seen as what you're arguing with.
  19. My argument, as I have stated above, is that the effect Clutch is presented in a manner which is a "Look what I can do". I trust that you do not present your ACR as a "Look what I can do" routine. My ACR is not a "Look what I can do" because I attach meaning to it. Not illogical at all - simply misunderstanding. Magic depends on how we present it, and in my opinion, Clutch is presented poorly. What do you mean, "Who cares how you present it" - surely you must be kidding? I'm rather flustered I admit that you'd say such a thing. Of course it matters how you present it, it's the difference between magic being "Look what I can do" and magic taking us back to our infantile state of astonishment. Yes, this can be changed by the individual magician but the mechanics and the entire presentation of the effect is built on this premise, in my opinion, of "I'm cleverer than you." This premise, ultimately, cannot and will not lead to the best experience of Astonishment for the spectator. And that's the most obvious I can present my argument.
  20. of course the overall result that we want is to create astonishment for the audience- what i meant by "who cares how you present it?" is that i dont care whether you present it as a selected card posing as a dinsoaur who tap dances to the macarena, as long as Astonishment is created, then you are a good performer.

    You are still presenting an illogical argument- Who said that you have to follow Oz's EXACT Patter? i was taught this trick by a magician i met whilst i was on Holiday Called Paul brookes (Bless his soul. Get your Rev.Cuts down man.) He's a proffessional magician, and he showed me the trick. He showed it with no patter, and it created that astonished feeling. He later taught me the trick in exchange for teaching him how to do a proper Revolution cut (As i said, bless his soul).

    The point is, he didnt say anything whilst performing the trick, which comes to my argument again: if the trick is taught in a certain way, who said that you have to follow it word for word? if you dont like the presentation, dont use it.

    For instance in angle zero- the patter that d+M used in the trailer concerned time- even the kicker is 'time-related'. (where it is impaled in the minute hand of the grand clock.)

    I personally dont follow that- i differentiate each effect to suit the theme im going for, or the environment.

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