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  1. Hi, I was wondering if I could get some reviews and thoughts on COG by Ben Seward. I would really like to get it, and I have only heard good things about it thus far, but I'd like to hear some feedback from magicians that aren't necessarily either friends with Ben or really well known magicians. Not that reviews from those people are bad, but due to previous experience, I have realized that they can be vaguely biased if they're coming from the head honchos. I thank anyone who takes the time to give me their thoughts, and I wish you a happy day of impossibility.
  2. Hi Bailey.
    My review on COG will be quite different because I don't consider myself a "Magician". I'm learning and working primarily around the field of Psychology and the deceptive practices. Now for the review - The product itself is an amazing piece of art. It's difficult, requires several psychological understandings (body language etc.) and it will take time. It would seem to be too weird to be true but it is. As a deception artist I can tell you that it's superb. I don't think that there is any version, technique or variation for this type of effect (think of a card) that you can say that is better and more realistic then COG.
    **there are many gimmicks for this kind of effect but keep in mind that this one is totally clean and I mean TOTALLY**
    I have bought the book the moment it was published and I cannot say that I regret it.

    In the end - I would recommend this book to anyone who wish to do "real" deceptive magic. This one is beyond simple "Mentalism" effect. This one is a psychological gold mine.
  3. I'm glad you gave the review that you did Zvik2246. Shalom by the way my friend. I've seen a couple of similar routines that also used a gimmick. I was wondering the same. The more I watched the trailer the more I was amazed by it. It must be as good as your review because it's sold out and I can't find it anywhere. Thanks for you review!
  4. Bailey,
    One thing to keep in mind about COG is that, while it's presented as a "think of any card" effect and that's what the bulk of the book is dedicated to, its capabilities extend far beyond that effect. With some ingenuity and presentational creativity, you'll have a weapon in your arsenal that you can apply/combine it with any number routines to divine merely-thought-of information in a much cleaner way.

    If you take a look at the Ben's site, you'll find he still has a few of the original run left. Not only will you get a signed copy that way, but you'll also be able to take advantage of another aspect of COG otherwise unavailable if you don't purchase from him directly.
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    Nice, thanks! I'll look into that right now.

    Edit: Annnnnddddd ordered.
  6. Anybody have the book and want to discuss challenges/successes/insights? PM me if you have the book and would be interested in discussing your experience.
  7. does anyone want to trade? i really want COG , my email is, i cant send messages on this website for some reason thanks.
  8. Muchos, people like you are the reason the truly good effects never see print. The fact that you would not only pirate this material--which is bad enough--but also post it on eBay in an attempt to profit at the original creator's expense is reprehensible.

    I hope the mods remove your link as soon as possible, and I truly hope no one on this forum is pathetic enough to have taken you up on this.
  9. Pretty sure that's the user I reported for copyright infringement a couple days ago.
  10. PDF version

    I asked Ben directly when this came out if he would entertain selling a PDF, for the main reason (for me) that I travel so much, I like to have stuff on my iPad rather than schlep printed material (and you can secure PDFs to some degree to inhibit, but not prevent pirating). I even told him if he would sell me one for this reason, I'd promise I'd keep it private etc but...

    He said said he can sympathize, but he was so against piracy, he was forcing it to be printed only and his mind would not change.

    So if you see a PDF, it is pirated.

  11. And I would appreciate it being told to me so I can report it and have it removed :)
  12. Also, the book is SUPER tiny and portable-Doesn't mean it is short on value, but does mean it is easy on luggage space.

    Pirates-You suck.

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