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  1. I am not sure if a thread has been made for this yet, but i was wondering what kind of coin set is used for coin two. Is it the 3cm set or just a deans set? I know Homer uses a Deans set or morgan dollars but I am not sure if he uses something different in this routine.
  2. Two regular half dollars and an extra something. A good gimmick will set you back anywhere from 30 to 75 dollars, but it's worth it. AMAZING FRIGGIN DVD!!! Also the gimmick would be exposure but buy it, it's worth it.

  3. I talked to Homer Liwag on the phone, and he's using a normal shell set, I believe from Jamie Schoolcraft ( He has an optional piece of teflon on the inside to hide the noise, but this addition increases the protrusion of the coin from the shell a bit. Not enough to be completely noticeable, but the shell loses it's near 100% concealment.
  4. THANKS that helps!! p.s. your lucky you get to talk to Homer on the phone lol!!
  5. Buddy, he gives out his e-mail I believe. I contacted him through there first, and then I somehow contacted him on the phone eventually. He gave me a few pointers on some nuances in the routine, and gave me some advice on which coins to buy.

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