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  1. I am pretty bored at my house and would like to do a battle before I start college. So to kind of break normality of Mechanic grip battles, and any battle involving cards I would like to have a coin battle. Minimum editting i.e titles music only I don't want an MTV video here. Hey if you have bobo's coin book battle each other lets have a coinathon. A coinapaluza just do something that doesn't have the those pieces of cardboard we all love.
  2. if i can get my hands on a camera i'll accept. i'll let you know in the next day or two. dont hold me to it though.
  3. Does it matter the effeft i perform with coins?
  4. It doesn't matter much to me but how about a full week to get a video up?
  5. Sounds good to me. Just send the challenge and im in =)
  6. I will highly anticipate this battle! As soon as the videos are up I will do my best to give detailed constructive criticism!
  7. Gambit I am just reminding you that a video is going to be due soon, Good luck.
  8. I can't wait either. We haven't seen many coin battles. Looking forward to it.
  9. Heads up I do believe Gambit is a no show so there probably will not be any voting.
  10. That would be a huge disappointment. I've been waiting for this battle ever since I heard of it.
  11. I am greatly disappointed to see only one entry to this battle. I had been looking forward to it all week.
    I will do my best to bring some constructive criticism to your video, but I am no expert, I am just a very very devoted coin magician. So you decide what to absorb and what to neglect.

    First off, the priorities.
    You are a funny guy and a great magician. But what I saw in this video was a stand-up comedy including magic. I did not see a magic act include comedy.
    There's something essential you need to remember, *movement with motivation*. You did so many movements, so fast, and 75% of them were just pointless, adding up to so much insecurity.
    Lets be more precise here:
    0-00:30 = You start off by getting the coins by wagging your hand back and forth. Maybe you had a reason for this but I failed to see it. You then put something in your right hand, and then throw them back, and fan 3 coins.
    At this point there's no reason to suspect something else than 3 coins, but you throw them back and forth, and then fan the 3 coins with clenched hands, from afar. It doesn't really give anything away but it just seems like an unnatural handling.

    Later on, you then take the coin, put it back, put your hands together without taking the coin. Bottom line here, you did not take the coin. You tried to justify it by using it as a monocle in a comical way. What happens here, is that you put comedy over magic. Not only did you take the coin for no reason, you threw yourself at that coin and ripped it off like it was a piece of candy about to get stolen.
    Remember the no-contact rule. The less of a contact you have with something the less of an impact you could have had of it. This is one of the things that in my opinion makes Winged Silver so strong.

    One coin travels, you instantly take the traveled coin and put it above the other 2, pretty much somehow giving it the illusion you just took it off one of the three. Now no one will think you actually did that, but bottom line, you did something magical, but did not even for a second let it sink in, and broke the no-contact rule instantly.

    The second coin travels. Take a look at your video, and how strong your body language is. You wave your hands around for pretty much no reason. We all have some movement usually when we speak, but this is overdoing it.
    You then take the 2 traveled coin, and make them touch with the coin in the other hand, twice, and then you fan them all in your left hand, just to take them with your right hand. My point is, look at all this trouble you're going through to do something quite simple, placing the coins to another hand.
    I'm not taking a part, nor speaking against the naturalistic handling Dai Vernon supported. But there is a difference between a naturalistic and a natural handling. You can put your coins in the other hand with stiff fingers, or in a way a layman wouldn't do it at all. But get to the point, be direct and prioritize clarity.

    Look up 1:39 - 1:45. What is that? You start waving your hands around for no apparent reason whatsoever, not only are they in contact with each other, but also in movement during it! Then you make the coins clink for no reason, and separate them. Keep in mind that you are making coins move from hand to hand. Your spectator wants to be fooled, but they will still be on you like a hawk. Each suspicious move hurts your magic, and all this, makes the magic quite non existent. They at this point not only thinks you're doing something suspicious, but they must feel that they know it. And when a spectator "knows" that something fishy is going on, the magic can be as strong as it wants, it still wont be impressive.

    One-handed one-coin vanish: I did not see any use of a subtlety here. A ramsey one would be great, but what just happened now as of the looks, you closed your fist. Now to a layman spectator, they might have fallen for it, but my point is, they can fall deeper. Use the ramsey subtlety and even if they fall for it without, it will be a much bigger convincer. Strong magic is clear and direct magic. Not to underestimate the use my mystique.
    When the coin has vanished, the first thing you do is put the empty hand behind the three coins. I am not sure what could be more suspicious than that, but most of all, unnecessary.

    The pocketing of the coins: I am not quite sure what happens here. It looks like you put three coins in your hand and put them away, but it also looks like you put two coins in your hand and just had one coin admittedly hidden in your right hand, that appeared. But whatever actually happened, any sort of confusion destroys your magic. Clarity, one important factor to always keep in mind while making your routines. This is one of the reasons I believe ACR is so strong and effective. It's clear, direct, and simple (not as in performing, but as in the actions and the look of it).

    I hope you will find any use of this criticism, I have checked your other stuff out and you are a great mentalist. You also have a good presence and seem safe in front of the cam. But there's a lot of improvements that can be done here mate. You're a funny and entertaining guy, but what do you really want to entertain with, magic or comedy?

    Good job still mate! Definitely hope to see more stuff from you in the future!
  12. Listen to him man, this is not ****e advice, its actually wonderful stuffs to take into consideration.
  13. Much appreciated Orb, I do agree I did pull away from the main effect with my extreme performance nature and over exageration. Thank you for solidifying the thought that there was to much motion. I know I am not a conventional magician but tht shouldn't be an excuse to take away from the methodology. I am glad to know that the performance as a whole was great? I will go and work on making the perfect formula of my zany humor and the technical side of this effect.
    From laymen point of view it was a funny performance correct?

    As an aside,

    WOOOAH, We have a electric storm going on hither and the sun is out on one side and big dark thunder cloud on the other. A lightning bolt just crossed over into the light. Its literally looks like light and dark are battling right now.
  14. okay im going to get killed with this one but who wants to do a self created coin trick? i know im going to get killed cause someone like holo is going to come rape me from behind lov ya holo ;) but im game to start a battle any takers?

    ps im also going to make a new topic about this to make sure more people see it haha

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