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  1. Hello all,

    My day job involves a lot of loose change, and as such I come in contact with rare coins. I have come to acquire several gold plated American quarter dollars....

    My question, is there a coin color change somewhere in the literature, or should I use existing slights to achieve this effect?

    Thank you for your time
  2. I used to work at a casino in the count room and as a cashier for a bit and found many cool coins and bills there. When we found something we would set it aside and buy it out of the till later. Finding odd coins is still a hobby of mine and I always ask cashiers if they have anything when I buy stuff at their stores. Too bad the local casino's don't sell foreign coins they get anymore, our town is touristy so I used to get lots of foreign coins from there .

    As for coin color changes... Spellbound type effects come to mind. I am sure there are plenty of examples in the literature concerning this effect using spider type vanishes and or tourniquet type moves. But simply using a shell on one of those gold colored quarters could make an unexpected color change.
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  3. Of course, Dai Vernon's Spellbound.

    Also, maybe do a retention vanish, and replace the empty hand with a different coin? Pretty simple to achieve, to be honest, these coin colour changes. O:- )
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  4. The simplest I know of is the Bobo switch, but it’s incredibly hard hitting, especially if you do it into someone else’s hand

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