Coin DVDs, Homer Liwag, and Dan White

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ben Long, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. I figured this deserved its own thread.

    Some people (myself included) have expressed the desire for a T11 coin DVD.

    T11 should make Homer Liwag an artist already so we can get some more coin 1-on-1's and some cool tricks.

    Also, I want to see more from Dan White.
  2. Agreed. Agreed again so that this post is long enough.
  3. yeah wut happened to dan white?
  4. E stole him.

  5. I have no idea what "wut" means...
  6. As much as grammar like that annoys me, I'm sure you could tell from the context...
  7. Dan white is working with David Blaine, so I heard. I'm pretty sure theory11 will get Homer liwag. They just had a new theory11 artist andrei so give them some time.
  8. I don't know wut "wut" means, either.:p
  9. What do you mean, E stole him?

    Dan White consults for David Blaine, so I'd love to see some of the stuff he's doing. Maybe learn some more magic.

    I feel that coins are an underrated medium of magic. Let's fix that.
  10. If you scrolled all the way down on that post you could see he was "JK". Anyway, I doubt that Homer would join T11 either considering that he's on Copperfield's creative team, which means alot of designing and editing.

    I'd also like to see stuff from BJ Bueno.
  11. There is no need to criticize others for their grammar. I think you can easily tell what "wut" means. This is an internet forum. It's alright if a word gets misspelled.

    Anyway, Dan White is currently consulting for David Blaine so he has been very busy. Maybe he'll come back after he's done with Blaine for a while.

  12. I normally wouldn't criticize people for minor grammar problems, but it just really annoys me when it is only a matter of typing a few extra letters. Seriously. Are they really THAT lazy?
  13. The last thing I would want is that Homer Liwag joins Theory11.
    Everything on Theory11 lands up on YouTube, either as badly performed or as a tutorial.
    Coin Magic is something very different, people can perform coin magic really bad but they can also perform it really well with al the little nuances and subtelties that masters teach them. Homer Liwag is an example of someone who really gives much attention to detail. I am very happy that there isn't a mass production of CoinOne and CoinTwo, or we would see alot more people perform it badly.

    Homer also has some very 'underground' sleights and such. We wouldn't want those as a download for 5 bucks do we? Imagine you could buy his Melt-Away vanish here.
    How many people would perform it on youtube with a coin in Ramsay subtelty as they are squeezing a tennis ball?

    For example, Chris Kenner doesn't have a download on ThreeFly. Think about it, it is one of the most magical and simple to follow routines in all of magic.
    Only a few people perform it really well. Imagine that suddenly everyone would perform it.

    To sell Homer and his damn good coin creations here is just very dangerous for coin magic in my opinion.

  14. I agree. If T11 keep on getting more and more artist it will end up like E or Penguin. Tho I would like to see more Coin tricks an stuff. I would also like to see more Mentalism. :)

  15. Agreed.

    Coin magic is one of those things that MUST be performed to perfection to be truly magical. Everything else looks crap. No offense, but if complex coin tricks that require practice are sold as 1-on-1's, you'll see hundreds of crappy YouTube performances.

    And I thought ThreeFly is sold as a 1-on-1?
  16. Actually, the 1-on-1 is Threefry not Threefly. They are different.

    Unfortunately, there will always be those bad performances weather its coins, cards, or whatever and nothing can be done to rectify it.
    However, the good thing is mostly those are done just for camera because the performer doesn’t take the time and dedication required for the effect and is to scared to actually show a real person. They do it for the wrong reasons, not to entertain people.

    Sorry to go a little off topic in your thread Ben…back on. Yes, Dan White is very talented and I think most of us would enjoy seeing more from him.
    More with coins?? 110% agree. They are so underrated and beautiful gems.
  17. So basically what you're saying is that no one should make an effort to try to help people learn coin magic.

    I'm not saying Liwag should release his best underground routines to the mass market. I am saying that it would be great if he would do some kind of coin project that would maybe be a primer for those people who are learning coin magic. Maybe it would help people to learn all of the little nuances of coin magic and there would be less bad performances on youtube.

    Just saying.
  18. You mean spelling. :)


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