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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Brett Hurley, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. Okay. A very great magician friend sent Bobo's Modern Coin Magic to me on Christmas.
    The thing is: coin magic is what I've been working on since then.

    All I have been doing is 'Classic Palm' since then.

    However, I'm starting to get paranoid and down on myself because I've been doing the 'Palm at least an hour a day and forming a circular sized bruise each day on each hand. Like I have Stigmata.

    I'm not sure how I'm doing with Classic Palm at this point and think I should be working in other coin magic aspects.
    There is A LOT in the book, and I know coin magic isn't exactly the easiest or beginner friendly stuff.

    I don't want to keep resorting back to doing 'Muscle Pass' as my go-to when I reach a dead end. So I ask:

    Of what in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic should I be working on as well?
    Primarily because I don't think in getting the Classic Palm down correctly.
  2. The position of the coin is wrong. You are about a half a coin length too high.

    Hold you hand palm down. Balance the coin on your middle finger. Bring your middle finger up to your hand. Where the coin hits is where you need to hold it. That makes sense because the proceedure I just walked you through is how you get into classic palm from a retention vanish.
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  3. All right, I think I have it. At least I can make my left hand not look like a raptor-hand and I'm assuming I'm doing it right...again.

    the right hand and Classic Oalm? Right hand looks like an abomination. There's no way to sugar coat the right hand, and I'm just going to call a spade a spade. I'm trying, but I'm really hating that I love the hard stuff and the easy stuff is killing me.
  4. Dan Watkins has some really nice tips on his site for the classic palm (oh btw it will also answer your question what to concentrate on in Bobo's as a beginner) which is IMO NOT an easy sleight at all. It's one of the most difficult to perfect and practicing it every day is a good idea. Doing it doesn't seem too hard but looking totally natural and relaxed while concealing the coin in the hand is an entire different story.

    Go to Foundations and answer the question.
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  5. All right. I keep forgetting about the Coinvanish site. I fee like quite a doofus as it has been recommended a few times to me--only to forget.

    I did check out the pictures of how Classic Palm is supposed to be done. I am so hilariously off the mark.

    I've been working on it for an hour. I'm definitely not a fan. But if it's essential, I'll have to suck it up.

    Thanks everyone!
  6. This is the biggest thing I remember getting out of Bobo. Though I rest the coin on the tips of my middle and ring finger to do this, but that's just what works for me. Beyond that I use it as a general reference for sleights referred to in other books. I find it nice to have around to look stuff up to make sure I know what they are referring to. Though I got mine before the internet, so this is maybe no longer so critical.
  7. Try p.193 Magical Filtration of Four Half Dollars. The passage of the first coin should be of interest. I also highly recommend Michael Vincent's RHAPSODIES IN SILVER AND OTHER MYSTERIES.
  8. I never knew about this site. I have been doing the bloody palm wrong for weeks -__- Time to relearn.
  9. I went back to my David Roth video and apparently I was not wrong in my learning of the palm. I simply just have small hands.
  10. Dude, that's a long time!. Maybe it's not for you man. There are sponge tricks that are easy to palm. Wouldn't hurt your sensitive palm and such.
  11. The only problem is that I would never use sponge magic (children's hospitals) in where I want to perform.

    I THINK I'm getting better at it, it's just hard to tell because of how little of a time the coin stays there. That and how the palm looks. I've never been good at the 'natural' and 'relaxed' look. It's challenging for sure.
  12. Went to my local coin show and got some nice sharp uncirculated Kennedys and Eisenhowers from the 70s. Way, way easier to palm and grip.
  13. I actually have learned to go about my day with a dollar coin in each hand. Making lunch, brushing my teeth, using my phone, etc.

    I would say too if your bruising you may be trying way to hard. To goal of the palm is a relaxed grip. Try getting some poker chips and palming those. They are nice and light easy to grip and can help you work up to a more natural palm. It does take practise and a lot of it just to get a decent palm. So don't stop, I see to many magicians classic palm poorly who should know better.

    Keep at it!
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  14. I was gripping it way too hard. I thought that's how it was done. Oops
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  15. I can't Classic Palm a coin worth a damn. There's a reason I don't do coin magic which requires this. Raptor hands is a nice way of describing what happens when I try to CP a coin. I see no reasonably way forward when it comes to the coin-based CP. If you want to go full-on nuts, well, you can look into products likes these:

    I'm not interested in trying to reshape my hand muscles over time to potentially provide a competent CP. A Retention Vanish, however? No problem. (It's called "A Coin Vanish" in Bobo, by the way.)

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