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  1. Hey guys. For almost all ofy magic life i have been doing card and rubberband magic. While i think the new ellusionist qrtifact coins look dumb and are a waste of money at 7 dollars a pop, they have inspired me to do coin magic. I wanted some suggestions on what to biy to get started. Remember thst i am a beginner and can currently only do very simple palms and a few cheesy vanishes. I am thnking about metal by eric jones but want to know what you all thnk?
  2. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic
  3. I have that book. I know this sounds kind of cliche and excuse like but i learn soooooooo much better from a visual then books. Although i must say i have never learned so much in one place then the card magic of paul lepaul
  4. bobo's coin magic book and david roth's dvd's are a great way to start
  5. If that's the case, I would recommend using Bobo's as a reference to learn the sleights. That being said, it's highly recommended that you still go through the book.
    Also, Eric Jones' Audio and Mirage Et Trois are both wonderful effects and not to terribly difficult.
  6. Honestly, you need either a dictionary or a course in English grammar far more than you need any new coin magic.

    I'm not trying to be a jerk here, but seriously, Please take the time to type out your thoughts in full, and be proper about it.

    Also proper grammar I believe is a forum rule too. Granted, a less enforced rule, but one none the less. I should also mention; I can't take anyone serious who writes worse than my five year old niece.
  7. and how about using the search for this. there have been many threads about starting coin magic
  8. bobos book and metal by eric jones i'd say
  9. why the ellusionist coins are a bit of a ripoff (i bought a few to check em out) i have found that they're good to use for training your sleights. Being a bit bulkier than a half dollar (jfk) in terms of width i find them harder to palm but when i finally get them i find palming 1/2 dollars and english pennies MUCH easier.

    my 2¢
  10. First off get over yourself. This is a magic forum and last i checked english wasnt a form of magic. And before you go on criticizing other people get your facts straight. I am in AP english and aside from a bunch of spelling errors because im typing on a touch screen keyboard, my post dislayed perfect grammar. Kthanksbye!!!
  11. William, how could you be so wrong?
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    EDIT: being someone who uses a touch screen phone to surf the forums here I get it. I'l l withdraw my comments with an appology offered for the offense.


  13. And beans, im prerty sure every single thing you pointed out was spelling error or lack of an apostrophe wich is because i dont feel like switching to the symbols keyboard and back to the letters just for that purpose. AND you can start sentences with the word and in certain situations. Just because your first grade english teacher told you not too does not mean it shouod dictate all of your writing. Read an f'ing book

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