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  1. hello, i just want to have a forum where all is about coin magic. What is the best download or project on coin magic?
  2. If you’re interested in books, the holly grail of coin magic would be J.B Bobo’s “Modern coin magic”. For videos, the best source to begin in my opinion is Eric Jones’s Metal Volume One (available at Another good but rather underrated video source for beginning coin magic is also Jay Noblezada’s “In the beginning there were coins”.
    If you’re a beginner and want to learn the fundamentals, any of these will work. But if you’re more of a professional, you could get the NYC coin seminar series or Eric Jones Metal 2,3 or 4. David Roth has a lot of great stuff both in book and DVD form and some of them are geared towards beginners. Eric Chien has a DVD called coin which has a lot of hardcore stuff in it. Moritz Mueller has a One coin routine and his take on the retention coin vanish, both of which are available from Ellusionist. Branden Wolf has a DVD called wolf which has a lot of good stuff in it as well.
    There are many more videos and books with great coin magic in them that you can use if you’re not a beginner. But if you’re a beginner, first try focusing on the fundamentals before hopping into any of the other things mentioned above.
  3. There is lots of downloads that have decent material but a few are a head above the others in my opinion. I like the stuff by Kianoa Harbottle, he is a teacher by trade so he seems to know how to teach reasonably well. His latest lecture is decent, I enjoy his stuff with click passes and his thinking in general.

    Eric Jones is also a VERY thorough teacher and most of his downloads are pretty great.

    I am enjoying the book Giacomo Bertini's System for Amazement, its not a download but does have a video companying it to help visualize the moves described in the book. The photos and the text in the book are also very good, the accompanying video is just added bonus really.

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