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  1. Do any of you guys know what gimmick from jamie schoolcraft is needed to buy to preform this effect? I think its similar to the digital dissolve gimmick(Which I Have). So how much would this cost?
  2. The price varies depending on the quality of your gimmick.You dont need to buy your gimmick from jamie but his gimmicks are "high quality"which is why they cost so much.I dont know if I can tell you exactly what the gimmick is because it might be revealing but its not the same as the digital dissolve gimmick.
  3. I was thinking of buying this but im not sure what to get with it and how much it will cost. Thanks for your help though!
  4. They can range from 30 to 60 dollars.
  5. With schoolcraft in the hundreds...
  6. I do not understand the secrecy of such a standard gimmick amongst other magicians. It is a standard in coin work, I suggest getting a high quality shell if you are going to do this over and over like a worker would. If not do get all fancy pancy about it and buy a tango just make sure you take care of it and it will last a while under light usage.
  7. So, basically you don't get the gimmick with the DVD?

    Is there any way that I can get a gimmick with the DVD (I would pay for it of course), and 4 coins?

  8. just buy the DVD, then go to and but a set. 4 coins and a shell.
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    Yeah, but that would cost me twice a shipping, and twice the customs, so... It would be around 150$ for me....

    edit: And, if nothing comes with the DVD, why isn't it in Download format also? That way it would be a lot more affordable to buy the gimmick...
  10. Awwwwwwwwwwww.
    I will call you a WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbulance. I am so so sowwwwy that life is unfair to you. Would you like me to make sure the next gimmicked coin DVD that comes out is made by someone in your country who makes both DVD's and Gimmicks that way they can bundle the price for you and shipping will be less (Just like the quality of both items).
  11. I would highly suggest Roy Kuppers (sp?) Expanded shells. I bought one from him a while back, great quality AND price!
  12. Actually, if you live in the United States you can go to a bank and get 50 cent pieces from there by exchanging 2 bucks to get 4 of them. Dont need to pay tons of money to buy a set. The cheapest shells are Tango, and you can also use quarters too with quarter shells. Just giving advice to people on a tight budget. Hope that helped.

  13. Great advice and the way any beginner should start. What if they decide they don't like coin or magic using gaffs after all.
  14. Well, I'm actually a 14 yr. old beginner in coin magic myself, and its one of the hardest art forms in magic to master, so I dont really have an answer to that question. But I can say that the "gimmick" to coinone is very versatile and could be added to a LOT of coin routines. The possibilities of effects are endless with the "gimmick". So if they are a beginner they should get this, because it helps them in gimmicked coin effects and makes things easier. This advice might be wrong, but then again its coming from a beginner in coin magic, so think ahead if you think you ARE going to use it. If not, dont bother.

  15. I will love to say MANY MANY coin effects required gaff coins.
    In coin one, it will be a shell coin gimmick. Get it for may be $30 but the quality is not high as $60. But it's ok.
    Anyway, decision is your, dun let other comments affect you 2 much.
  16. No need for disrespect. I'm not a kid, nor a beginner.

    I'm just saying, if nothing comes with the DVD, it might as well be in a DL format also. And if it's the DVD with some kind of a gimmick, than the gimmick should come with the DVD.
  17. It can't be in download format, because it's a limited release.
  18. And the child of the year award goes to...
  19. you cant mass produce a shell gimmick for a DVD and expect for it to be of quality or even something to use. The only way to get a good shell is to buy one on its own, and chances are, you are going to pay more a good one.

    Dont b*tch. If you want it, buy it. If you want it bad enough, youll buy it. The shell has a lot more uses than coin one anyways,
  20. It's in DVD format because that was how it was released originally! They're just selling the remaining quantities of it, not another run or anything...
    Don't need to make a huge deal out of it.

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