coin shell is too noisy

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by junkbox, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. How do you stop the noise of the coin shell and the coin? Is there a way to reduce the amount of sound, like putting something in the shell?
  2. is it a fitted or expanded shell. Are you working on a close up mat, in the hand or on a hard table?
  3. With no response yet to krab's questions it's hard to say, but I'll speculate anyway.

    At first glance it sounds to me like you have invested in a relatively low quality shell. Good quality, proper shells (only a few companies come to mind) make comparatively less noise and fit very close to the coin. But I'd say you'd be hard pressed to find a set that is silent in practice.

    Handling makes a big difference as well, but I'd say you wouldn't be asking this question if that were your problem. It might be a long shot but it seems possible to fit the shell with a thin layer of construction paper or the like, but this would have to be done very carefully so as to keep the shell flush with the coin.
  4. another easy fix that will solve not only noise but slicken it up a bit is fits a half dollar very well and covers enough of a silver dollar to make a great difference. you can also use it to tape a shim inside a shell if desired. Found out about this as a great fix for the problems with the Double Faced Super Triple Coin problems.
  5. Krab- it is an expanded shell and I tend to use it most in the hands.

    Jeffrey- I will think about something like that, it definitely seems like a good idea.

    TheMagicalSock- I do have a fairly cheap one since I was not yet willing to spend sooo much on a shell. after all, it is my first coin shell. That is probably the problem.
    This does lead me to some other questions. First, would you say Roy Keuppers coin shells are relatively good quality? I am not quite willing to spend a bunch right now. Also, are there any good sources for handling specifically on coin shells? It wouldn't hurt to make sure that my handling is not the problem.

    Thank you for your answers so far.
  6. Roy Keuppers is probably in the top 5 for sure but if you are just starting out, I would suggest Johnson Brand gaffs. They are the best bang for your buck and definately the working mans coin sets - great quality at a reasonable price. most of my gaffs are Johnson that I am still using after 20 years. I do also have a few higher end gaffs including a very nice Roy Keuppers set made for Voodoo Revelation by Michael Rubenstein. Triception by Mark Mason and Bob Swadling in walkers and TUC in both quarter and walker. DFSTC Walker... many great makers but the Johnsons have been with me forever.
  7. You simply need to get some teflon... And i'd say Roy Kueppers work is probably 3rd in the states below that of Lassen and Schoolcraft.
  8. It's hard to explain how to shell a coin without it talking. I always bring it down on a diagonal slide and then let up on the pressure of the shell.

  9. Thanks for sharing own experience.
  10. Yes, simply look for teflon as stated above. It should solve your problem.
  11. I am having the same problem also. my shells are from joshua jay triad coins. they should be nicely made. Any way to reduce the sound. In terms of the handling.

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