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Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by mexican nanny, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Hi y'all I was thinking about posting an idea I had onto the market for the first time. though I just wanted to hear some feedback on whether this trick is worthy or not to be on the market as well as feedback/ideas/improvements whether it's original and pricing ideas as this would be my first contribution I would have made. I have more variations on this trick which I will include such as changes/transformations and the vanish itself. Any help given will be greatly appreciated and I'm open to criticism as well x. (I apologise for the quality of this vid as well)
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  2. Effect wise it is straightforward and direct which is great! As for originality, It seems like it may be using moves that already exist (unless the sleight you used is completely original.) On that basis the effect itself would not qualify as a new idea since there are tons of variations of "Coin to Hat" already out there. Assuming everything is completely original and it passes T11's screening requirements, I would suggest pricing it anywhere from FREE - $2.95. I would not price it much more than that unless you feel very strongly that it is a great effect that others will get a ton of usage out of. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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  3. Thank you so much for feedback! :). The idea of the product that I'm thinking about putting on the market is the sleight itself, I've done as much research as I can even referring to 'J.B Bobo's modern coin magic' and I haven't been able to identify any techniques similar to the one I'm using. The 'coin to hat' is just an idea that the sleight can be used for and I'm thinking on other tricks that this move could also be used for which I will include in the download. I'm still not quite confident in releasing my idea yet (since I'm unsure if it's original) so would it be fine with you if I DM you what the move is? Thanks
  4. Sure would love to see it. Keep in mind i am not much of a library when it comes to sleights. Maybe send it to @RealityOne as well and see if he has any ideas. Keep looking all over the internet or even contact historians and see if you can find the move you are using. If you feel it is original, you can maybe teach the sleight and come up with a few quick routines using it. The more value you add to the download the more likely people will download it and the more money you can ask for.

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