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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by christian1, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    I have been working on a 3 fly coin routine where 3 coins travel from one hand to the other. Its called Phantom coins and I learned it on Showoff With Coins dvd.

    I have added a couple of productions and vanishes taught by Will Houstin. The problem is when I perform this when I am doing walk about magic it just doesn't get that great of reactions.

    The specattors seemed confused as to what is going on perhaps I talk a little fast and maybe I go a little too quick but even when I slow down its seems that they are either confused or they just think its kinda obvious.

    I was wondering have any of you had any problems with 3 fly coin routines? Do you have any tips for me? I have been looking for a long time for a good solid coin troutine that gets great reactions and that will fit into my strolling magic, the only one that I have found so far is Daniel Garcias your personal safe. What is your favorite coin routine?

    I have performed coins across and coins to pocket and coins through table. I have read Bobo's coin magic book and multiple other sources. So what I want to know is what is a good solid coin routine that gets good reactions that is easy to follow and has a bang at the end?

    I have seen the power of a good solid coins across and 3 fly routines in the hands of some of the greats but I am having trouble finding one that suites my style.

    Okay so I guess to sum up my questions I would like to know is their a way I can ramp up my coin magic? Is their a way I could improve my 3 fly coin routine? Should I get a shell as that will give my coin work a cleaner more fee feel and there for allow me to be alot more open? And finally what are your favorite hard hitting coin routines?

    I appreciate the help and thanks for reading through my many questions,

  2. It would be interesting to see your routine. My guess is that it has too much "man handling" in it. You have to do too many "funny" moves. Am I wrong? Chris Kenner has a coins across routine called "The Deep". Looks pretty good when performed well, but it has to be TOP NOTCH to look good. It's completely impromptu, so no shells. Just in case your interested.
    Great coin routines? I would say... make one! Seriously, if you make your own coin routine, it will fit your style. You will feel much more comfortable with it too.
    For prexisting routines, I don't know if I can help you on that. I'm still too much of a beginner:) Personally, the Coin Falling Up is THE perfect coin effect for me (at least until I find one I like better). It fits my personality, the style of trick I like to do, and I'm obsessed with the muscle pass. I'm still working on it though.
    Fiddle around, see what you find out. Every trick gets different reactions depending on the magician.

  3. Not sure what kind of "shock and awe" you are looking for but here is an idea...

    If you need to use a shell go right ahead but start off by borrowing a coin (Quarter) or if you don't mind giving your spectator 25 cents use your own. Get them to put there initals on it to make it theirs. Do a 3 fly routin (if you like) the main thing is to make their coin vanish. Then for your "shock and awe" ending have their coin (that they signed) come out of a zipped pocket in your wallet.

    If you don't know about the wallet...look and you will find!

  4. I want to point out that Chris Kenner would stress the fact that large coins is of the essence. Now I don't fully agree that it's a must have, but it certainly makes things more visual and impossible.

    The best way for us to find your "flaws" is by you recording a video of yourself doing the routine and we'll try to point them out. Having magicians pointing faults out in your routine is usually not the greatest of ideas but in this case I think it's the only idea.

    When you do your 3 fly routine, do the audience know/think that your empty hand is empty? Does your audience know what's going to happen? Do you keep a long enough distance between your two hands so there's no way you could be throwing a coin in between or doing something else fishy? Are your hands in an obvious unnatural position? Do you keep eye contact with your audience and don't just stare at your hands? Is your presentation confusing? Are you going too fast?
    Once again, I really think you should post a video of yourself doing the routine.

    Something I would advice you to check out is Eric Jones dvd Mirage et Trois. Watch the trailer on youtube, I think it would do you good.
  5. Dude great advice thanks!! I am know rexamining my 3 fly routine based on the questions you brough up. I will try and post a video if I can. I would be glad to hear your comments on it. The only problem is that I have dial up interent and I am not sure it will upload the video I will try. Does anyone else have dail up?

    Thanks again for the help,

  6. I used to have dial up, and I think (I'm not sure) it will still work. It will just take a long time to load.

  7. Hello everyone Heres the recent update we have requested - Coin of the Day section Lets see some little or big beauties Or even uglies if theyre interesting.

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